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From French Fry Oil into Biodiesel Fuel
Evaluated vendors that can collect NYU's cooking oil  waste  and convert it to biodiesel fuel.
Year: 2009
Type: Research
Leadership: Student
Topic: Waste
Status: Complete

  1. Project Summary

This project dealt with the conversion of fryer oil, from all the NYU Dining Halls, into biodiesel fuel. The percentage of biodiesel that can be produced from the fryer oil is approximately 75%. As a result, for every 100 gallons of fryer oil NYU donates 75 gallons of biodiesel fuel can be produced. In addition, biodiesel fuel is 78% cleaner and emits 47% fewer particles than petroleum diesel. Therefore, the use of biodiesel fuel results in an improvement in air quality when compared to the burning of petroleum fuel. 

NYU currently gives its fryer oil to a company that converts it to either biodiesel fuel or animal feed, based on current market demand; however, this Green Grant research project was motivated by the company's vague response regarding the ultimate use of NYU's fryer oil. Ultimately, no changes were made to the use of fryer oil at NYU based on the outcome of this grant.