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Stair Campaign

Step It Up, NYU - Take the Stairs!

As part of NYU's ongoing sustainability effort, and in partnership with the NYU Wellness Center, we're joining the city of New York in encouraging everyone to choose the stairs over the elevator.

Each year, NYU consumes 130 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, and the energy used in our buildings accounts for most of the university's contribution to global warming.

Taking the stairs rather than the elevator is a great way to help reduce NYU's energy consumption while improving your own health and sending a visible message for sustainability (not to mention avoiding elevator lines!)

According to the NYC Department of Health:

  • Walking up the stairs burns almost 700% the number of calories burned standing in an elevator
  • Two minutes of stair-climbing per day burns enough calories to eliminate the one pound the average adult gains each year
  • In one study, men who climbed at least 20 floors a week (about 3 floors a day) had a 20% lower risk of stroke or death from all causes
  • Stair-climbing has been shown to raise good cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health

Ready to step it up? Check out this list of buildings on campus already participating in the program -- and start burning more calories and less electricity today!

Download a PDF of the Stair Campaign poster:
Learn more about New York City's campaign: