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Recess Mode


A collaboration to save energy!

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While students, staff and faculty enjoy breaks and vacations, NYU is shutting down some un-needed machinery and equipment. This is a collaborative effort to reduce energy use in unoccupied spaces, both during the summer months when electricity demand goes up to power air conditioners and also during academic year recesses when many people are away. Full implementation of RECESS MODE could save NYU 3,000,000 kWh per year (more than 1500 tons of CO2).

To print an INFORMATIONAL FLIER to hang up in your work area click here.

What happens during RECESS MODE?

NYU modifies building mechanical systems, elevators and lighting to save energy.

What to expect:

  • Redundant elevators will be shut down.
    Sorry for the longer wait!
  • Lighting will be reduced in ways that will not impact work productivity or safety.
    Try using task lighting or natural lights instead!
  • Unused spaces will experience reduced heating or cooling.

Other ways you can help:

  • One of the other big energy users at NYU are our computers. View step-by-step instructions for managing the energy consumption of your computer(s) and configuring them to conveniently hibernate.
  • Post this flier in your work area to help remind others to reduce energy usage.


Please contact the F&CM Client Services Center by phone at (212) 998-1001 or email