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NYU Policies

NYU Residential Bicycle Removal Protocol

Bicycle Policy Working Group - 7/29/10

The following protocol is intended to create a consistent and transparent bicycle storage policy as part of a University effort to address the needs of cyclists. It can be used by any student residences with shared bicycle racks in common areas.

Residence Hall bicycle storage locations should have reference signage clearly denoting the terms of usage for residents and visitors of that location. These signs will be provided by Operations and will include information on periods and duration of time during which a bicycle may remain at the location without removal.

On April 15th and June 15th—at the end of spring and summer academic semesters— Resource Hall Managers should put up “bicycle rack clearance warnings” (provided by Operations) in prominent locations throughout the building and near all public bicycle racks or parking areas.

These notices will alert residents that after the move-out date for the residence hall all bicycles left on the rack will be presumed abandoned and will be tagged with a “Bicycle Subject To Removal Tag.”

This information should also be emailed to all residents one month before the end of semester.

Bicycles tagged with a “bicycle removal tag” should be removed for recycling or donation at the earliest convenience of the Resource Hall Manager working with the Facilities Manager.

Bicycles should be donated to a charitable organization which repairs or otherwise renders them useful as recycled goods.

Badly damaged frames or components of bicycles not accepted by organizations can be disposed of as bulk waste by NYU Recycling Services.

In cases where racks become chronically overcrowded and/or there are complaints, Resource Hall Managers should tag bikes during the semester that are clearly inoperative or that appear to be abandoned.

In these situations the owners of tagged bikes should be granted 21 days to contact the resource manger before the bicycle may be removed.

Formal records should be kept by Resource Hall Managers of all bicycles tagged with a “bicycle removal tag.” These should include:

  • Photograph of the bicycle
  • Date tagged
  • Location
  • Description of notable characteristics and cause for removal

These records should be amended to include actual removals and incidences of recycling. In addition, these records should be kept on premises until the removal of a bicycle. After which the records should be delivered to, and an incident report should be filed with, Public Safety.

Bicycle Rack Clearance Warning

Warning to be posted the weeks of April 15 and June 15 will read:

Bicycle Rack Clearance Warning

To ensure available space for resident bicycles in the upcoming semester, all bicycles locked to public racks in this building after __________________will be assumed abandoned and will be removed for donation or recycling.

Please remove your bicycle before this date.

All questions should be directed toward the NYU Client Services Center (212) 998-1001

Tags & Removals

The “Bicycle Removal Tag” will read:

Bicycle Subject To Removal

To ensure available space for resident bicycles in the upcoming semester the rack to which this bicycle is attached has been marked for clearance after ________________.

Because this bike has been left after that date it is now subject to be removed and disposed of as soon as possible.

If this is your bicycle please remove it immediately and find another place to store it.

This bicycle appears to be abandoned and/or inoperative. It is currently occupying valuable bicycle parking space and will be removed, recycled, and donated if the owner does not contact the building resource manager before________________ (21 days after tagging).

All questions should be directed to the NYU Client Services Center (212) 998-1001


Questions about this protocol may be directed to NYU Sustainability at (212) 998-1073

Records of tags/removals may look like this:

Residential Bicycle Tagging/Removal Record






Photograph of bicycle should be attached to this document.

Description of bicycle (include model, color, size, accessories, and any additional features):_______________________________________

[ ] Bicycle has been tagged with an "abandoned bicycle notice" it may be removed three weeks from this date.

Why was this bicycle presumed abandoned?:

[ ] Bicycle has left after end of summer or spring semester and has been tagged with a "Bicycle Subject To Removal" notice. It should be removed as soon as possible.

Bicycle has been removed

Date and time:_____________________________



[ ]Donated to:____________________________

[ ]Given to NYU Recycling Shop