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NYU BikeShare Resources

The following protocol applies to all NYU Residence Hall bicycle racks.


Residence Hall bicycle storage locations should have signage which clearly denotes the terms of usage for residents and visitors of that location.

These signs indicate dates and times when bicycles may remain at locations without being removed.

Spring and Summer Removal Dates

On April 15th and June 15th — at the end of spring and summer academic semesters — Resource Hall Managers will put up bicycle rack clearance warnings in prominent locations throughout the building and near all public bicycle racks and/or parking areas.

These notices will alert residents that all bicycles left on the rack after move-out day will be presumed abandoned and tagged with a Bicycle Subject To Removal Tag.

Bicycles tagged with a bicycle removal tag will be removed for recycling or donation at the earliest convenience of building staff. This information will also be emailed to all residents one month before the end of semester.

Removal Throughout the Year

In cases where racks become chronically overcrowded and/or there are complaints, Resource Hall Managers may tag bikes which appear inoperative or abandoned.

In these situations, owners of tagged bikes are granted 21 days to contact resource mangers before their bicycles are removed.

Upon removal, records are kept by NYU Public Safety.

BikeShare-Only Racks

Some racks are denoted for use by NYU BikeShare bikes only. Non-BikeShare bicycles parked in these spots will be tagged for removal and clipped as soon as possible. Records of removals are logged by NYU Public Safety.

Where Clipped Bikes Go

Salvagable bikes are refurbished by mechanics at the NYU BikeShare and incorporated into the fleet. Unsalvageable bikes are recycled as scrap metal by NYU Recycling Services.