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Sustainability-Related Research at NYU

Many of NYU's most talented faculty are engaged in vital research and teaching work in areas related to sustainability.

The following is a selection of NYU faculty bios and research work in sustainability-related fields:


Student Research

Wagner Existing Building Inventory (2008)
- Colin Leary and Sarah Wu
A Wagner Urban Planning Capstone team worked with NYU's Office of Strategic Assessment, Planning, and Design (SAPD) to conduct an inventory of 12 university buildings using the LEED Existing Building rating system. After scoring each building, students worked with building managers and SAPD to identify planned renovations over a 5-10 year period and recommended opportunities to implement green building components.

Renewable Energy on Campus (2008)
- Stephanie Phillips
An overview of renewable energy projects and technologies currently operating or under construction on U.S. college campuses.

Bicycling at New York University (2008)
- Emily Allen
A study of NYU's bicycle infrastructure and programs, featuring recommendations and supporting research for the improvement and expansion of bicycling on campus.

You can find the appendices HERE.

Room to Grow: Participatory Landscapes and Urban Agriculture at NYU (2008)
- Adam Brock
Urban Agriculture presents a promising means of addressing at least three critical issues facing cities: food security, ecological health, and community development. As an urban research university with an increasing commitment to sustainable practices, NYU is in an ideal position to contribute to this emerging discipline. Several options are suggested for conducting further research in addressing these issues.

Greening the Urban Campus: An Environmental Assessment of NYU (2006)
- Julio Alvarez, Adam Brock, Zamir Dhanji, Jeremy Friedman, Nelson Harvey
This environmental impact study of NYU was carried out by a Gallatin student team in 2006. The students built a year-long curriculum around the question of how to evaluate NYU's impact as a campus, and their report offers first steps toward sustainability across eight areas of university operations. The Sustainability Task Force's first comprehensive Environmental Assessment will offer an even deeper look at NYU's environmental impacts in mid-2008.