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Who We Are

Sustainability Office


John Bradley · Associate Vice President for Sustainability, Energy and Technical Services John’s responsibilities include sustainability, recycling, demand side management, energy procurement, technical services, building services and the operation of the campus cogeneration facility. Prior to joining NYU, he held leadership positions with the U.S. Navy, Union Carbide, PSEG Nuclear and PSEG Energy Technologies. John holds degrees in Nuclear Engineering, Master of Business Administration and a Master of Science in Global Affairs - Energy and Environment concentration.


Dianne Anderson · Manager, Sustainable Resources manages NYU’s sustainability, energy and resource conservation efforts. Areas of responsibility include directing energy and water reduction projects in over 160 buildings of varied usage and occupancy, design review, audits and measurements, demand response, and NYU Recycling Services.

Prior to NYU, Dianne was the Resource Conservation Specialist for the County of San Mateo, located in California, where she taught green building design workshops, launched a Green Business Program, and directed Construction & Demolition Debris recycling requirements. She also brought together a Utility & Sustainability Task Force to produce a Countywide Energy Strategy.

Dianne received her Master’s of Public Administration from NYU’s Robert F. Wagner’s Graduate School of Public Service, B.S. in Environmental Studies from San Jose State University and Green Building Certification from Sonoma State University. She is a Certified Energy Auditor.

Dianne is passionate about living green and will gladly tell you about her home remodeling projects using green, environmentally-friendly products.


Nicolas Gordon · Manager, Office of Sustainability is responsible for managing diverse energy and sustainability projects to achieve the NYU sustainability goals and objectives.

Prior to NYU, Nicolas was Director of Engineering and Environment for Explora Hotels in Chile, where he developed a sustainability policy for the company, led major building renovations and systems retrofits, established an integrated waste management plan for all operations and conducted the company’s first carbon footprint report (GHG Protocol). He was also member of the Sustainability Board of the Chilean Federation of Tourism Enterprises.

Nicolas holds a Master’s of Science in Sustainability Management from Columbia University and a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Catòlica de Chile. He is a LEED Accredited Professional, trained on GRI G4 guidelines and is a 2013 Climate Corps fellow with the Environmental Defense Fund. His other areas of expertise include optimization through decision models and life cycle assessment (LCA).


George Reis · Supervisor, Sustainable Landscaping holds a B.A. in Portuguese from NYU’s College of Arts and Science (’10) and a Master of Science in Landscape Design from Columbia University (’13). George came to NYU as a gardener in 1995, studied horticulture at the New York Botanical Garden and is NOFA-certified in Organic Landcare. Each year, George lectures on sustainable landscaping methods to the Environmental Systems Science class in NYU’s Department of Environmental Studies.

Visit the NYU Landscaping website.


Eric Sluyter · Coordinator, Web Development & Graphic Design is a graduate of Steinhardt’s Music Technology program. As a web developer, he creates spaces for people to communicate effectively with one another and perhaps inspire positive change. As a freelance sound artist, he crafts beautiful, dimensional sonic experiences for theater and film, and occasionally tweets code that makes music. Things that are important to him include appreciating and exploring the complexity of our world, creating art for the benefit of humanity, and listening to every sound he hears with the same level of curiosity and wonder. He will sing the praises of SuperCollider to anyone who will listen. He can otherwise be found biking, reading, cooking, watching insects do their thing, and experimentally growing his hair.


Brynn O'Donnell · Coordinator, Student Programming is a junior in CAS studying Environmental Science, with a minor in Biology and Documentary. She aspires to one day work in the renewable energy sector, increasing the accessibility the average family has to a sustainable lifestyle. She is an active member of Earthmatters! and one of the founders of the (prospective) Environmental Studies Club. Although Netflix and skating take up much of her time, she's always eager to geek out about the environment or embark on outdoor adventures.


Arman Bhuiyan · Program Assistant, Green Grants & Digital Media is a senior studying Finance and Business Economics at the Stern School of Business with a minor in Psychology at the College of Arts and Sciences. Although he hopes to pursue a career in the corporate world, he is particularly interested in changing corporate culture and implementing sustainable business practices in the workplace and throughout the financial services industry. In the future, due to his interests in business, psychology and sustainability, he hopes to become actively involved in projects to apply progressive economic models to improve the socioeconomic conditions of impoverished communities and develop sustainable infrastructure in underdeveloped societies. He enjoys discovering new music, reading, going on adventures without maps or destinations, and playing basketball.


Mariana Macedo · Coordinator, Recruitment and Engagement is a Master of Environmental Conservation Education Candidate with NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. She comes to the Office of Sustainability with experience working for an education technology start-up in student recruitment in Washington, DC and Hong Kong. Mariana earned her Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Maryland, College Park and has a deep interest in wildlife conservation. She enjoys traveling, reading, and getting to know New York City.


Adu Matory · Coordinator, NYU BikeShare is working towards a BA in Psychology at the College of Arts and Sciences, with a minor in Physics. An avid cyclist, Adu pedals to the metal every day to and from class. He views bicycles not as tools of exercise and transport, but as travel companions who make every trip fun. “I see cycling as an ever-changing, organic exploration of my environment. And it’s not just perfect for my [healthgoth] lifestyle. Everybody can get into it.”Adu fills his time away from coordinating with interpretive dance, poetry, slow-cooking, and discovering new music. He hopes to learn more about the mechanics of bicycles and he’s excited to contribute to the amazing legacy of the NYU bike share.


Pio Tsai · Mechanic, NYU BikeShare hails from San Jose and is a junior in Gallatin studying social entrepreneurship and social impact. He comes to the NYU BikeShare hoping to bolster our community of cyclists by improving cyclist safety, engaging students, and creating an unbeatable, sexy fleet. When not on two wheels, you can find him pushing on four wheels or eating. He enjoys reading, taking pictures, writing, and being filled with the beauty around him.


Tessa Rosenberry · Coordinator, Student Engagement is a junior in CAS majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Studio Art, Cinema Studies, and Spanish. She is involved in many environmental groups across campus, including EarthMatters, NYU Divest, and NYU Freegans. She’s also on the NYU Ultimate Frisbee team, and with any free time enjoys watching movies, exploring, trying to learn to play the banjo, and snacks. She aspires to put her sustainability education and experience to use in the future by way of environmental education or non-profit work, and hopes that such an expansive and exciting field will take her all over the world.


Cate Wright · Coordinator, Environmental Coordination and Outreach Program is a sophomore studying MCC in NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development with a minor in Environmental studies. She will be working with the ECO student organization to make NYU green from the inside out. She hopes to eventually work in communications and marketing for environmental NGOs. All that aside, you will find her running, cooking, and binge-watching the West Wing on Netflix.