NYU Summer Housing
New York University


Living in NYU Summer Housing does not require enrollment at NYU, however, priority is given to applications from academic year NYU students and applicants registered for credit and non-credit summer courses at NYU.

Applicants fall under the following categories:

Affiliated: Enrolled or Participating in a
NYU-Sponsored Program

Certain residence halls will only be available to residents who are registered for a summer course at NYU (credit, non-credit, or distance learning) or who are participating in an NYU sponsored program during the summer.

To be eligible for affiliated only residence halls, residents must be enrolled at NYU or participating in an NYU program that runs concurrent with their requested dates of stay in the hall.

Non-Affiliated Academic Year NYU Students

If you currently reside in an NYU residence hall and you intend to apply for summer housing but you are not planning on enrolling in a course or you are not participating in an NYU sponsored program during the summer, you are only eligible to live in those residence halls in which non-enrolled students are permitted to reside.

Non-Affiliated, Non-NYU Applicants

Applicants who are not enrolled for summer coursework at NYU are not guaranteed housing and their applications are accepted based upon availability. For this reason, we recommend that non-NYU, non-enrolled applications apply as early as possible.

Please see the Accommodations section for more information on building eligibility.


  • All applicants must be at least 18 years of age on the date their reservation is scheduled to begin and may be asked to provide proof of age.
  • NYU Summer Housing is designed for individual stays. Family housing requests (including married couples) cannot be accommodated.

Health Insurance Requirement

Non-NYU students who will not be enrolled for summer coursework at NYU are not eligible to access the NYU Student Health Center. Having access to health care while living in NYU residence halls is a requirement. This requirement is designed to ensure that non-NYU students who need urgent and preventative health and mental health care receive ongoing care and protect themselves and the NYU community.

It is highly recommended that you have health insurance coverage that meets the following criteria:

  • The insurance company should be headquartered and operating in the US, with a US claims address and customer service telephone number.
  • The insurance coverage should remain in effect for the entire period of your stay in University housing.
  • The plan should provide inpatient hospitalization benefits in the New York City area for both medical and mental health treatment.
  • The plan must provide outpatient benefits in the New York City area (including coverage for office visits, outpatient mental health benefits and laboratory and radiology procedures).
  • The maximum benefit payable under the insurance plan should be at least USD $250,000 per condition.

If you do not have health insurance that meets these criteria or other financial resources to cover your health needs while you are in NYU Summer Housing, you will not be able to proceed with your application.