NYU Summer Housing
New York University

Change Housing Dates

All date change requests must be made online. Date change requests must be received at least seven (7) days prior to the beginning of the earliest week that is being added or removed from the existing reservation.

Billing is based on a Sunday to Saturday schedule. Weeks cannot be prorated if you do not arrive on a Sunday or leave prior to a Saturday.

Date changes are processed according to the date received.

All date changes processed after May 1, 2016 will be assessed a $35 processing fee.

All requests to reduce a reservation (and have charges removed for those weeks) must be submitted at least one full week prior to the earliest week being removed from the reservation. Failure to provide at least one week's notice will result in the resident being charged in full for that week.

All requests to extend a reservation are subject to availability and approved requests require the resident to remit full payment for the additional weeks being added to the reservation as well as the $35 processing fee within one week of the change.

For all date changes, please note the following:

There will be no extensions beyond Saturday, August 13, 2016 except for matriculated NYU students transitioning to a confirmed Fall 2016 NYU Housing assignment in New York City.

Checking out of the residence hall prior to the scheduled departure date does not constitute official notification of a change in departure date. All such requests must be made following the procedures described here.

If you have requested to live with people and one person in the group changes their arrival date and the other people in the group do not, this may effect the request to be assigned to the same bedroom or suite. Changing departure dates does not impact roommate/suitemate assignments.