NYU Summer Housing
New York University

Checkout and Transition


All Residents are required to check-out by 12 noon on their scheduled check-out date. Residents should be sure to:

  • Remove all personal belongings and garbage from their room
  • Return all keys to the front desk
  • Sign and date their check-out card

Any resident who does not check-out by 12 noon on their scheduled check-out day will be charged for an additional week of housing.

Any unreturned keys will result in a key or lock-change charge.

Transition Housing

For academic year NYU students, Transition Housing refers to those periods when the university is not in session, but the residence halls are open. These transition periods include the period of time from the end of the Spring semester to the beginning of Summer Housing as well as the end of Summer Housing to the beginning of academic year housing for the Fall semester.

Only NYU students with continuing housing assignments into the following term may stay in housing during these transition periods. If a student's room assignment is changing during any of these periods, the student will be required to move to their new assignment during the designated dates.