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For undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in NYU’s summer study abroad programs, travel offers an immersion into another country’s language, culture, and intellectual vitality. Study abroad is also a richly rewarding experience that connects art, architecture, government, finance, literature, science, the past, and the future.

Our summer study abroad programs are part of the international mission that defines New York University. Our faculty and students live and learn in the cosmopolitan setting of New York City, a global center for the arts, culture, and finance. It is a natural step to move beyond our boundaries and explore unique learning opportunities in cities and countries around the world.

NYU offers summer study in more than 20 locations worldwide. Diverse curriculum and settings enhance the breadth of our offerings. The diverse international locations reflect NYU’s singular commitment to view the world as a classroom; to provide students abroad with reasonable and comfortable living; to blend different disciplines into a single avenue of knowledge; and to give meaningful, in-depth exposure to the richness of the past and the innumerable possibilities of the future.