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New York University prides itself on being an institution that is "in and of the city," and now with the addition of its portal campus at NYU Abu Dhabi and 10 global academic centers it is an institution that is "in and of the world."  NYU students no longer become members of merely the NYU community, but they are global citizens.  Students who choose to study abroad are afforded a totally immersing experience.  Following the tradition at the Washington Square campus, students do not just attend classes, but become valued members of the community.  Through the Study Abroad and Global Network University experience, NYU students are becoming members of an increasingly cosmopolitan community.

Students who study abroad immerse themselves in their new environment.  There are opportunities for community service, volunteering and internships.  Many global academic centers are linked to local institutions that grant NYU students access to student centers and other facilities that allow for networking and socialization with local students.  Those who attend NYU's global academic centers study their local communities, join sports teams, belong to local organizations and use the cities as their classrooms.  The NYU Global Network University affords NYU students an enriching global education, and also creates an international student life experience.  

Global Academic Centers

Global Academic Centers

Unparalleled opportunities for students to expand their educational experiences at our 11 global academic centers.
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