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Personal Money Management

It’s no secret that going to college can be expensive.  Students no longer just have to think about the cost of tuition, dormitory costs, meal plans and books.  These days, students have to think about additional expenses such as health insurance, travel costs for going home, cell phones, dining on or off campus, computers, and other daily expenses.

It can all add up pretty quickly, so before you're in over your head, understanding the importance of managing your money, establishing credit, and learning how to spend it wisely, will help you to appreciate the fruits of your labor.


Creating a Budget

Creating a student budget plan is an important step every student can take to assess his or her financial wellness.
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How Money Smart Are You?

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) offers a user-friendly online course, "Money Smart" containing ten modules of instruction to help you learn about
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Identity Theft

Prevent Identity Theft

Identity Theft is serious threat that significantly damage your credit history, finances and reputation. Learn ways to prevent ID theft here....
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Note: The information provided on the Money Management pages are intended to assist students with financial literacy resources and information. NYU does not have an affiliation with any of the external websites for which links are provided, nor specifically endorses any credit, banking, or other financial products.


Bank Accounts

Having access to a bank account is pretty crucial to your daily living in NYC. Most of the large US banks are located in Manhattan and often provide free checking and services.
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Feed the Pig

This website is here to help you do just that. Here, you’ll find fun tools, a quiz, tons of tips and other resources. They will all help you think through your spending and saving habits, identify ways you can start saving and commit to making changes that will reduce your debt and grow your savings.
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