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Group Review

The University Learning Center hosts various course-specific group sessions and Study Slams that were developed at the suggestion and recommendation of our Learning Assistants, based on their own experience with these courses, as well as at the suggestion of students utlizing the resources at the ULC.  We welcome your suggestions on future workshops and group sessions to develop, or past workshops you'd like to see offered again!  Email us here!

See also our Academic Skills Workshops for additional group sessions.

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Humanities and Foreign Languages

Express Yourself! Conversation Circles

Increase your fluency in another language!  These sessions supplement your foreign language studies and are designed to help you gain confidence speaking in the language you are studying.  Sign up each week to attend!  Sessions begin the week of February 8th.  Sign up weekly below.

Seats are limited so please be considerate and only sign up if you intend to come.

Walk-ins are welcome if seats remain available.

Social Sciences

Math for Econ II Bits

Seats are limited. Please sign up only if you can commit to the session.
Specific topics for each session will be listed by the end of the week, but you can sign up now if you know you'd like to come!

Math and Science

Calculus I Weekly Study Series

Sign up weekly, topic-by-topic, below!

Seats are limited. Please sign up only if you can commit to the session.


The first in our weekly series of our Calc I. This session will cover approaches to solve basic/introductory limits, with examples. We'll discuss both graphical and purely quantitative limits.

This week we’ll focus on more advanced problem solving skills for limits, specifically focusing on limits to infinity.

We are going to cover basic derivatives as well as the limit definition of a derivative.

We’ll solve problems regarding a fundamental concept of calculus, the chain rule. We’ll do problems regarding the product rule and quotient rule.

Principles of Biology

Sign up weekly, topic-by-topic, below!

Seats are limited. Please sign up only if you can commit to the session.

Bio Bits

Bio Bits is a topic-specific mini-review session that will review material from the past week's lecture(s). Keep up with your studies and review with us! Click here to see topics and to sign up weekly.

Bio PTs

Bio PTs give you a chance to test your understanding of the material from the past week's lecture(s) through multiple choice questions modeled after past exams. Click here to sign up weekly.

Organic Chemistry I Review (for Orgo II Students)

Do you need a little reminder about what you learned in Orgo I after a relaxing winter break? This review is designed to be an overview of relevant Orgo I topics as they pertain to Orgo II. Orgo is a cumulative subject that requires a good grasp on what was learned first semester in order to do well second semester. Get a quick refresher to kick off the semester strong! 

Organic Chemistry II Study Sessions

During this weekly study session, students will participate in small groups (up to 30 people) that help them keep up to date with course material and tackle difficult topics. Students will also have the opportunity to ask specific questions.

University Learning Center

Science Study Slams - Spring 2016

Held within the week before each major exam in the foundational science courses, Science Study Slams provide a fast-paced review of important points to remember before your tests.  These are not meant to be a substitute for long-term, comprehensive study plans, but are instead a quick rundown and refresher!

Please note that you must attend and participate in order to pick up our Study Slam worksheets.  RSVP up to one week in advance to reserve your seat.

Thank you for your patience as we wait to confirm locations!

General Physics I

  • TBD

Majors Organic Chemistry I

These sessions are geared specifically towards students in the Majors Organic Chemistry course. 
  • TBD

Organic Chemistry I

  • TBD

General Chemistry I Final Study Slam

  • TBD
*Note that Principles of Biology Reviews will be held within the Bio PTs and Bio Bits sessions the week of the exams.
Walk-ins are welcome if seats remain available.
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