Paths to Peace

Paths to Peace (2007 – 2016)

Supported by  a very generous donation from Howard and Rory Meyers and family, the Paths to Peace program has graduated 129 undergraduate-level students from Israel and Palestine (West Bank and Gaza).

The Paths to Peace program brought together eight students of different faiths and backgrounds to study and live together at New York University, located in the center of New York City. A new cohort of Paths to Peace students was welcomed each fall and spring semester. The program trained future leaders and endowed them with the skills and experience to advance reconciliation and coexistence for future generations.

The academic objective of Paths to Peace focused on the historical, political, cultural and religious relationships between Israelis and Palestinians. All program participants were required to take two mandatory courses on the history and politics of Israel and Palestine. They also participated in dialogue “workshop” sessions twice weekly which were conducted by experienced Palestinian and Israeli facilitators. These “workshops” encouraged program participants to engage in an in-depth process of exploration, observation and analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Insights into their identities as well as the dynamics of groups in conflict were gained. Participants were allowed to select up to two additional courses based on their own academic interests. Cross-cultural learning was enhanced through off-campus excursions, such as a historical tour of Harlem neighborhood, a tour of the United Nations Headquarters and meeting with UNRWA  representatives and a weekend study tour to Washington, D.C., including a visit to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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