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University Student Conduct Policies

All University students are expected to be aware of, and to adhere to, the standards set forth in the following policies:


Students are expected to conduct themselves as mature and law-abiding members of both the University community and the general community, and to comply with requests of the administrative authorities of the University for maintenance of order on University premises. Behavior which jeopardizes the health or safety of the University community, or disrupts the educational activities and supporting services of the University, is subject to review and possible penalty in accordance with the procedures and practices of the University and its colleges, schools, or divisions. Where activities sponsored by student organizations constitute violations of University rules or of public laws and regulations, sanctions may be imposed on such organizations as well as on individual students.


Each Academic School has jurisdiction over behavior that occurs within that School or violates a School policy.  Students are advised to familiarize themselves with the applicable behavioral policies and procedures set forth by the NYU School in which they are enrolled.  Please consult  for links to each of the Schools and Colleges at NYU.

    Under the oversight and guidance of the Office of Community Standards, Residential Life staff members address violations of residential life policies. While most allegations are resolved at the house or area levels, matters involving repetitive violative behavior by a particular resident or that involve violations of a more serious nature will be addressed in the Office of Community Standards and Compliance utilizing either the Residential Life procedures or the University procedures as the circumstances warrant


Such policies may be based upon formal agreements with students and/or requirements that are imposed by external agencies associated with the student's utilization of that particular office or service. Examples of offices or departments which have such policies and procedures include the Financial Aid Office, Coles Sports Center, Bobst Library, and the Center for Students with Disabilities.



Statement of General Principals: 

By enrolling in an Academic Center Abroad, a student assumes not only the rights and privileges of membership in a unique community but also the duties of citizenry associated with maintaining the values of the University community as well as those of the country in which the campus is located.  Each student is expected to conduct his/her academic and non-academic life in a manner that demonstrates consideration for the rights, property, and interests of New York University, concern for the well-being of other community members, and respect for the culture, customs and laws of the nation in which the student is a guest.  

On behalf of, and in conjunction with, its members, the University has a duty to address behavior that jeopardizes the health, safety, or welfare of its members; compromises the academic or intellectual process; disrupts the administrative and supporting services of the University; and/or shows a disrespect for the country and local community in which the Academic Center is located.  Students who are alleged to have engaged in behavior that violates the Study Away Standard, New York University policies, and/or Center-specific policies will be subject to review through the University student conduct process at the Center and/or the University level as deemed appropriate.  The University also reserves the right to report matters involving criminal acts to the proper authorities.  In disciplinary matters involving a visiting student whose home institution is other than New York University, NYU reserves the right to inform the appropriate office at that institution of the matter and results of all disciplinary decisions involving that student.