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Evaluation Instructions

Completing your course evaluations is easy—you should be able to complete them in under 5 minutes—and it has a direct impact on the learning environment at NYU. All student responses are confidential and your professors will not be able to see your name or user ID in relation to your answers. Here are the steps you need to take.

  • Evaluations can be completed on any web-enabled device.
  • Sign into Albert and scroll down to the Enrolled Courses section. 
  • Click the Eval icon for the course you would like to evaluate. The evaluation will open in a new tab. Please ensure your pop-up blocker is disabled, otherwise you will not be able to access your evaluation.
  • Answer the questions on each page and click “Next." You can return to the evaluation later if you want and pick up where you left off. Note that some questions are required.
  • Once you complete the evaluation you will see a summary page showing you all your answers.
  • If you would like to change any of your answers, click "Edit."
  • Once you are done, make sure to click "Submit."
  • Once you submit your evaluation you will be redirected to your list of course evaluations for the term.

Course evaluations usually open two weeks before the end of a course. They remain open through the last week of classes and reading days, at which point they are closed.

If you encounter an error message when clicking on the link from your email, log out of Albert and clear your device's cache. This should resolve the error. If you are still unable to login and complete the evaluation, contact for further support.