Important Note

Due to the University's ongoing effort to combat COVID-19 spread, the Office of the Registrar is working remotely (effective Friday, March 13th, 2020) until further notice.  Although day-to-day operations on behalf of students will continue, in-person pick-up of diplomas is temporarily unavailable.

Diploma Name

By default, your "primary" name (as it is entered in Albert and as it appears on your NYU transcript) is printed on your diploma. You can elect to have your "preferred" (or chosen) name (as it is entered in Albert) printed on your diploma by updating the Diploma Options page in your Student Center before your conferral date. 

  • Important Note:  Although NYU considers the diploma to be a ceremonial document, some countries may require your diploma (in conjunction with your official transcript) for various legal, immigration, and employment purposes.  Choosing to print your "preferred" name on your diploma may result in unforeseen complications due to the discrepancy between your diploma and other documents (e.g. transcript, passport, birth certificate, etc.) that contain your "primary" (i.e. legal) name.  To avoid such complications, we recommend printing your "primary" name on your diploma if you plan to live, study, or work outside of the United States.
  • Important Note for Students of Professional Schools (e.g. Law, Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry):  Before opting to print your "preferred" name on your NYU diploma, please take into consideration that professional licensing requirements often require you to use your legal name. For example, State Bar application and licensure and federal employment/guidelines require the use of the legal name.  Therefore, not using your "primary" legal name on a diploma may result in the rejection, delay, scrutiny, and/or requirements for additional proof of identification associated with any applications for employment, licensure, credentialing, visa applications, and/or other processes that require verification of your education records.  

Diploma Delivery

By default, your diploma will be mailed to your "permanent" address in Albert. You can elect to have your diploma mailed to a different address or indicate you will pick it up in person at StudentLink in Manhattan by updating the Diploma Options page in your Student Center before your conferral date.

  • Diplomas are mailed to your delivery address via USPS mail about eight weeks after your degree has been awarded.  Degrees are awarded after academic requirements have been met, including the posting of all grades and transfer credits.
  • The fastest, most reliable way to receive your diploma is to provide a mailing address within the United States.

Note: Diplomas of students in financial arrears will be held until their financial obligations to the University are fulfilled and they have been cleared by the Bursar. You may contact the Office of the Bursar to discuss your financial status at the University.