How to Validate the CeDiploma

A CeDiploma can be validated online one of two ways:

  • DIPLOMA VALIDATION PAGE: To ensure the Degree information is still valid, we highly recommend you visit the School’s official website, NYU Diploma Validation webpage, to perform an additional validation.
    • Enter the 12 digit CeDiD found in the upper corner of the CeDiploma, along with the first two letters of the name as it appears on the Diploma.
NYU Digital Signature Explanation

  • DIGITAL SIGNATURE: All CeDiplomas from New York University are digitally signed by  CeCredential Trust. When the document is viewed through Adobe Reader or Acrobat versions 9.0 or higher, it will reveal that a Digital Signature has been applied to the document.
    • Adobe Reader and Acrobat use a blue ribbon across the top of the document to indicate document has not been tampered with, and is therefore authentic.
NYU Digital Signature Explanation

Attn Mac users: When viewing an official electronic diploma from New York University, the software utilizes Adobe’s secure certified PDF technology and therefore may only be viewed using the free Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat 9.0 or higher. The default Mac preview application will not display the document correctly.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any further questions, or need additional help, please contact us. For all inquiries, we ask that you kindly include the CeDiD number, and the name of the Alumni as it appears on the CeDiploma.