The residential college allows students to experience the cohesiveness and intimacy of a small community while still enjoying the exciting cultural and scholarly resources of a large university and global city; the result is a striking level of spirit, allegiance, and powerful sense of community at NYU.

The Residential College is comprised of two buildings but is unified as one community.  Once Goddard residents finish their first year in the Residential College, they may elect to join a group moving to Broome, where they have the option of remaining affiliated with the Residential College for all four years (and beyond, as alumni). 

The Residential College Advantage

  • Small & Connected Community - These smaller communities offer students a familiar, comfortable living environment. 
  • Socially & Intellectually Engaging - The range of activities and events that take place in Broome & Goddard are as varied and as fascinating as the students who inhabit the community. 
  • Leadership Development - A Hallmark of the Residential College is the opportunity for its residents to actively help guide and shape the community they inhabit. Formal leadership positions abound within the different student organizations. 
  • Pride & Allegiance - The Residential Colleges foster spirit, connection, and allegiance, evident from our opening convocation each fall to our closing 'Commencement' event at each academic year's end. 

Goddard Hall - First-Year

Goddard Hall

Goddard Hall is the University's only Residential College for first-year students, located right on Washington Square Park--literally steps away from three different dining halls, Bobst Library, most classrooms, and the Kimmel Student Center. The Residential College at Goddard is organized around the vital theme of citizen engagement--think volunteering, social entrepreneurship, civic spirit, and the like.

Our 200 residents (we're the smallest first-year residence hall) affiliate with one of six themed streams.  In each stream, NYU faculty experts organize dozens of events like free Broadway shows, talks by visiting notables, and behind-the-scenes tours of NYC institutions like the UN, Stock Exchange, Metropolitan Opera, and on-line 'zines just now coming into existence.

Broome Street - Upperclass

Broome Street

Broome Street is the Residential College for upperclass students, located in the heart of Soho. The Residential College at Broome Street has two principal aims: 1) To bring residents into closer intellectual and social contact with one another and with faculty and 2) To bring residents into a more intimate relationship with the surrounding city – including neighborhood communities, cultural institutions, and historic traditions.

In addition to leading occasional outings for cultural events in the city at large, the Faculty Fellows in Residence will have a regular round of programs in the building to help facilitate relationships among residents. Each resident will also be assigned to a specific programming “stream” according to their expressed interests which will serve as a home base for participation in the community.