Institutions across the country are recognizing the importance of creating and maintaining collaborative learning communities that cross traditional boundaries between the formal classroom and the residential setting.

We believe that a student’s learning is an on-going process, not bounded by the confines of traditional class time and space, and that the array of experiences outside of the traditional classroom are an ideal environment for the application of classroom theory, experiential learning, and life skill development. 

Research has consistently shown the benefits of faculty and student interaction.

After having interaction outside of the classroom with faculty, students have been shown to:

  • participate more in class discussions
  • have more satisfaction with their classes
  • have a greater appreciation of the arts
  • spend more time in group study
  • become more involved in the life of the campus

Faculty Fellows in Residence

The position of Faculty Fellow-In-Residence is part of an ongoing university effort to create intimate "learning communities" for our students within the residence halls as a way to integrate students' academic experiences with their residential lives. A key aspect of this effort is the creation of a meaningful and active faculty presence in the residence halls. Faculty Fellows work closely with one another and with residence hall staff to set an intellectual tone in the residence hall, and to design and implement a wide range of programmatic and other opportunities for students to interact with faculty members and other members of the students’ community.

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Faculty Affiliates

Faculty Affiliates work closely with Residence Assistants and a specific Explorations floor or Residential College stream. These communities are based on various thematic topics, such as science and technology, photography, film and television, service learning, or the arts and culture.

By bringing cultural and intellectual experiences more directly into the residence halls in a lively and more informal fashion, the Faculty Affiliate offers students the benefits of "small college" life within the larger contexts of both the University and the City of New York.

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Writing Affiliates

The Writing Affiliates initiative aims to bring the culture of the Expository Writing Program into the First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) residence halls, providing support for a year in the life of a student writer. Through events designed to address the challenges of first-year writing courses, this program fosters a productive culture of academic writing in the residence halls.

Writing Affiliates collaborate with Student Affairs professionals as well as student staff to create a residential community that supports first year students' intellectual, social, cultural, and ethical development. As with all Living Learning programs, Writing Affiliates combine formal teaching, information learning, creative activities, and personal support to create an enhanced student experience.

For more information or to find out how to become a Writing Affiliate please visit the Expository Writing Program website