Office Overview

Department Photo (2016-2017)

The Office of Residential Life and Housing Services encompasses a community of nearly 12,000 students and over 400 student staff members.  In order to effectively support such a large population, our office is driven by our mission and values that guide and inform our interactions with students, parents, faculty and staff. We hope the information we've made available here will allow you to learn how our structure, talent, and committees inform the work we do through our mission.


Standing committees exist to coordinate large functions or initiatives for the department. Membership to a committee will be determined based on group need and representation of categories of staff in the department. Each committee has a central staff liaison who is responsible for the sharing of information between the committee and the department leadership.

  • Assessment
  • Community Development and Inclusion Committee (CDI)
  • Leadership Programs & Events (L&E)
  • Professional Staff Development Committee
  • Professional Staff Recruitment Committee
  • Quality Service and Communication
  • Residential International Student Engagement (RISE)
  • Student Staff Selection
  • Student Staff Training Committee
  • Wellness Committee


Networks exist to provide a source of fellowship or support to members of the department. These networks are valuable components to the experience of our working environment and are distinct from department committees. Membership or participation with a network is completely open and voluntary. Members self-identify, groups are open to all, and there is no limit to the size of groups.

  • The Staff of Color Network (SOC) - RLHS
  • Administrators of Color Network (ACN) - Divisional
  • Pride at Work (LGBTQ) - Divisional
  • Women in Student Affairs (WISA) - Divisional
  • White Administrators Talk Race (WATR) - Divisional
  • Student Affairs Staff Development - Divisional