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Food Allergen Guide and Policy

Do you have questions about food allergies?
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NYU Dining Services offers a variety of meal plans and dining options. We work diligently with students who have food allergies to develop a dining plan that accommodates their needs and provide menus with a variety of food selections. All meals are posted on the dining website at so students can make informed dining decisions.

Many items are prepared to order and in full view to meet the student's specific request. Warning signs are posted in dining halls and food courts reminding patrons of possible cross-contamination during food preparation and cautioning patrons against cross-contamination with utensils, containers, plates and shared food.

Peanut butter and other products carrying nuts will be isolated from other foods to the extent reasonably possible and training about food allergies is provided to the dining staff. Please note that there are limitations to the type of accommodations that NYU Dining Services can provide and strict avoidance may be the only solution to safeguard against food allergens. Please contact for more information or to set up an appointment with one of our dining managers or executive chefs.

Gluten Free Options

Find Gluten Free selections in all residential dining locations. We have made a commitment to ensure there are plenty of non-detected gluten options available and have dedicated toasters, cutting boards and cooking utensils used in the preparation of made without gluten foods.