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Campus Cable

Hello from Campus Cable!

Campus Cable has created a number of resources to make it easy to get your television connected and to start watching your favorite tv shows. From our guide to the Philo streaming service, the easy set up guide to a complete channel listing, you have all the tools at your disposal to get started in just a few minutes! It's as simple as that!

Campus Cable's services provide the student community with a well-balanced assortment of news, entertainment, and educational content.

Campus Cable is also proud to broadcast exclusive NYU-TV channels in its diverse closed-circuit lineup. With NYU-TV's University and Happenings Channels, you can see programming unique to the NYU community, including university events, student productions, and information on exciting activities on campus. You can also catch feature films and documentaries that will expand and enrich your academic and cultural experience at NYU.

New York University’s Campus Cable television system has been serving the NYU community for over 20 years.

We'd like to hear from you.

Saw something you liked? Have a channel you'd like to request for the lineup? You've come to the right place. We want to hear from you, so e-mail us.