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New first-years admitted through NYU's Undergraduate Admissions Office, and returning undergraduate residents, are guaranteed housing for their entire education at NYU, provided they accept housing upon admission, maintain matriculation, meet all housing application and payment deadlines, and do not cancel their NYU-NY housing for reasons other than a school-approved medical leave or study away program. By meeting these criteria, these students maintain their housing guarantee and are considered to have a “renewable housing status”, which indicates that these students are able to renew their housing contract each year. Undergraduate students who have not met these criteria above have a non-renewable housing status and are not guaranteed housing.

Returning undergraduates who miss application deadlines, graduate students, and new transfer students are considered to have a non-renewable (non-guaranteed) housing status, and will only be offered housing based on space availability.

IMPORTANT: Students with guaranteed housing status are guaranteed placement in University provided housing.  They are not guaranteed their preferred residence hall, room type, room rate, or roommates.

Please follow the instructions below based on your classification:

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