Living in the New York City Metro area means that you most likely will rely on Public Transportation.  Students can travel to NYU in a variety of ways, but most often by bus or train. 

New York City

There are numerous travel options in New York City whether your commuting from Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester County or the Boroughs of NY.  Unfortunately there are no discounts for students, although you can usually save money by purchasing a monthly pass. 

New Jersey

Public Transportation options are available in a variety of ways between New Jersey and New York City -- with New Jersey Transit offering both trains and buses,  private bus lines, the PATH train, and ferries.

Travel Times from NJ to NYU Campuses (PDF) »


NJ Transit is the only public transportation system in the metro area that offers a student discount?  For students who are registered full-time, NJ Transit offers a 25% discount for monthly bus or railroad passes. This auto-subscription program allows students to receive a new pass each month unless you cancel or suspend your account, with a $3 processing fee each month of the program.

To access the NJ Transit discount portal, registered full-time students will see the NJ Transit card under the NYU Life tab or by searching New Jersey Transit in NYU Home: Note that you must sign up by the tenth of the month to receive a pass for the following month.  Also note that if you do not meet full-time registration requirements, the NJT option will not be available to you.

Bike Share Program

NYU Offers a free bike sharing program. Read more »