Off-Campus Living


Are you considering living off-campus or potentially moving in or around the New York City/New Jersey area?

Come to the Student Resource Center (Kimmel Room 210) for an in-depth 45 minute presentation on the process for searching for Off Campus Living. Learn about the resources, services, and tips that will help in your search for your next home. 

  • Friday 3/24 at 10am (Eastern Time)
  • Tuesday 4/4 at 12:30pm (Eastern Time) 
  • Thursday 4/20 at 4pm (Eastern Time)

Searching for an apartment in New York City can be challenging. Whether you are relocating from abroad, a current NYU housing resident, or considering a change of your current living situation, the apartment hunting process is often bewildering for even long time New Yorkers.

Although we do not provide actual off-campus apartments or legal advice, the NYU Student Resource Center is committed to providing you with the resources to support your search. We strive to provide you with:

  • Access to an exclusive housing and roommate search tool known as The Housing Registry
  • A centralized list of commonly used websites, companies, and agencies for both the apartment and roommate search
  • Various tips, terms, and resources to aid in your search
  • Important travel, safety, and legal resources for living in NYC and NJ