Placement Surveys

Since the 1990s, the Wasserman Center for Career Development has conducted the annual Life Beyond the Square survey and the Part-time Job and Internship Survey to detail the part-time job, internship, and post-baccalaureate plans of NYU undergraduates. The data collected are used to determine a number of statistics, including mean salaries and the most popular choices for both employment and graduate or professional school enrollment. The Wasserman Center's placement surveys have been an invaluable tool in determining the career-development and employment needs of NYU students and alumni.

New York University continues to have among the most successful graduates in the country, with historically high placement rates for respondents within five months of graduation. Survey results support the fact that savvy, experienced, and well-prepared students emerge from the support and encouragement of the timely and strategically planned initiatives of the Wasserman Center.

The Wasserman Center is committed to supporting students throughout their academic years, providing myriad programs and services that address the gamut of career opportunities. The results of our placement surveys reflect this mission, and inform our strategic partnerships, resources, and services.