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Mission, Values & Goals

Our Mission

The Wasserman Center for Career Development empowers NYU students and alumni to succeed at every stage of their career and professional development by creating opportunities to develop the essential skills and experience necessary to thrive in a global economy.

Strategic Goals

The Wasserman Center seeks to provide every NYU student and alumnus with comprehensive services and programs to assist them in their career exploration and job search success. Serving a population of over 40,000 students and thousands of alumni, the Wasserman Center remains committed to utilizing best practices and industry leading technologies to raise student awareness of its services and to ensure optimal utilization of its resources.

The Wasserman Center recently engaged in a strategic planning process that evaluated our previous five-year strategic plan, expanded upon the center’s goals, reviewed accomplishments, and identified key points of continued development. The primary objective of the five-year strategic plan is to provide a visionary framework that guides the work of the center. As a result of our strategic planning process, we have identified seven areas of focus: 

Employer Engagement

Further establish a culture where employer engagement is a central aspect of all staff roles and expectations. Through the efforts of a diverse, skilled, and industry informed team, employers will be connected to a well prepared pool of NYU Talent to support successful outcomes via partnerships and direct service.

Undergraduate Student Engagement

Based on generational trends and students’ demand for individualized programming, our approach to undergraduate student engagement will continue to revolve around designing and implementing a customized student experience. This approach will take into account student developmental phases as well as students’ needs and interests. In partnership with the internal assessment and communications team, we will continue in our efforts to provide career development content in a way that is engaging and specific to students’ preferred communication and learning styles.

Graduate Student Engagement

Become a central hub for all graduate students that we serve by providing continuity of service, understanding their unique needs, coaching them to become their own career development advocates and providing access to timely and relevant career resources.

Alumni Engagement

Enhance alumni connections to leverage their experience within the NYU community in ways that assist current students in their professional development. Provide industry specific resources to empower alumni seeking career advancement.

Assessment and Program Evaluation

Build upon our ongoing efforts to cultivate a culture of assessment and program evaluation that is data-driven, strategic and purposeful and maintains the integrity of the NYU Wasserman brand. Enhance efforts to collaborate with Wasserman staff to continue cultivating a culture of utilizing data to refine and enhance our programming and services for all stakeholder. Develop and deliver additional assessment and program evaluation training for Wasserman staff. Continue to use quality data to drive our decision-making and reinforce the Wasserman brand. Further focus and expand our assessment efforts to evaluate stakeholder needs.

School Liaison Relationships and Engagement

Build upon our coordinated strategic approach to collaborate with academic partners across NYU, supporting and aligning with their mission and goals. Increase touch points with academic stakeholders and create a stronger Wasserman presence in the academic space. Expand relationship management model for executing and assessing school relationships through a culture of accountability.


The Wasserman Center uses a content-driven, cross-platform communications strategy that engages all constituents. Moving forward we will strive to enhance the Wasserman Center's visibility among our stakeholders, achieve balance in our outreach methods, and create a strategic plan that is sustainable, efficient, and in a state of constant evolution. As the mediums through which students obtain their information change, the Wasserman Center will continue to adapt our communications strategy to best connect with students, alumni, and employers.


The center’s commitment to quality career development is evident in the mission and the passion of our staff. In collaboration with the Wasserman Center's and NYU's stakeholders, we intend to meet the short term and long term goals outlined in this plan by 2020. Our ongoing commitment to students, staff, and alumni has resulted in innovative and award winning programming and we look to continue that momentum for the next five years. The Wasserman Center will also incorporate the six hallmarks of the Division of Student Affairs: learning, community, diversity, wellness, quality service, and innovation to further inform our work. The team will also use industry informed practices, assessment and evaluation, as well our strong relationships to continue to be “best in class” in the career development space.