The Wasserman Center helps international students navigate the U.S. work environment and acclimate to American work culture through individual career coaching and specialized programs. Career resources for international students include tools to identify opportunities for career exploration and employment.

U.S. Work Culture

English Language Training

Professional Readiness Education Program

PREP is a career readiness program that prepares international students for global careers in the U.S., home countries, and third country markets. Expand your professional networks, build an effective global job search strategy, and connect with international peers, alumni, and employers. Participants must be sophomores and first year graduate students with no work experience. Applications are available in September for each academic year. 

Office of Global Services

International students should utilize the career services at the Wasserman Center in conjunction with the visa and immigration services available at the Office of Global Services in order to fully address the complexities of working or interning in the U.S.