NYU departments must follow these 4 steps before a student employee can begin working in an on-campus position. Please allow 1-2 weeks between the job offer and start date to allow sufficient time for the student appointment to be processed.

1) Advertise On-Campus Positions

All on-campus student positions must be posted to NYU CareerNet or WayUp before a student can be hired into the position.

NYU CareerNet

Post regular, long-term, and/or semester-long on-campus employment positions, including positions taking place over the summer on NYU CareerNet


Post temporary and short-term positions, such as event staff, phone-a-thons, and work that has historically gone through temporary agencies, on WayUp

Career Fairs

Hiring departments are encouraged to attend the Student Employement Job Fair (free for NYU departments) for a convenient opportunity to meet many motivated candidates in-person and gain visibility on campus.

2) Meet with Student & Make Job Offer

After interviewing and making a job offer to the student, the hiring manager should meet with the student to complete required hiring forms.

3) Hire Student Employee

Before a student can begin working, they must be hired into a job in PeopleSync, NYU's HR system. Follow the instructions below to initiate the hire.

Hiring Departments from Administrative Units or Steinhardt

Submit the Student Appointment form

  • This step must be complete before the student visits the Wasserman Center for I-9 verification.
  • The form will route to the Wasserman Center who will collect I-9 documentation from the student (if required) and then to PeopleLink for processing.
  • The hiring manager will receive an email notification when the job has been entered in PeopleSync.

Hiring Departments from Schools

Submit the student hire to your school HR department with the following information:

  • Copies of valid I-9 documentation (semi-monthly-paid students only)
  • Labor Law Form signed by hiring manager and student (hourly-paid students only)
  • Any forms required by your school
  • Your HR department will enter the student job in PeopleSync.

4) Verify I-9 Form at the Wasserman Center

Instruct students (except semi-monthly-paid students working at schools other than Steinhardt*) to bring acceptable I-9 documentation (U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents or International Students) to the Wasserman Center, Main Office or Brooklyn Office.

*Semi-monthly-paid students working at schools other than Steinhardt must visit their hiring department for I-9 verification.