Our goal is to provide employers with qualitative and value-added services that streamline your recruiting efforts. We rely on the support of employers to help fulfill these initiatives and to provide your company or organization with access to top NYU talent. Because of these important connections, Employer Partners provide a vital component that builds an exclusive relationship with our office and greatly benefits both students and employers.

By participating in the Employer Partner Program, we will provide your organization with an increased level of exposure to a talented, diverse group of students.

Global Branding Opportunities

Across all of NYU's global campuses, we can provide you with enhanced marketing for your events and job opportunities through our vast social media presence. By becoming an Employer Partner you receive first rights to:

  • Blog posts (42,500 visits last year)
  • Twitter and Facebook posts (over 10,000 followers)
  • Organization name placement on Wasserman website and homepage of student accounts (approximately 4 million visitors last year)
  • eNewsletter Highlights (reaching approximately 40,000 students and alumni)

Representation at career panels and conferences give you the opportunity to share valuable information about your organization with our students, and helps you to build an early engagement pipeline. Examples of involvement are:

  • Panel and Networking Events
  • Specialized Interviewing Seminars
  • Mock Interviews
  • Site Visits
  • Employer Spotlight Series

Recognition & Visibility

  • Company name and logo highlighted during Career Fair attendance
  • Company name and logo rotating on the homepage of all 35,000+ NYU CareerNet student accounts

Access to Diverse Students and Student Leaders

We are committed to helping organizations promote diversity in the workplace by connecting you with candidates of varying backgrounds, experiences and perspectives through special diversity programs throughout the year.

  • Diversity Internship and Career Preparation Program | DICP is designed to prepare and promote NYU’s historically underrepresented sophomores and juniors through a comprehensive career development program. The DICP Program has been revamped, and we are excited to announce the addition of NYU's Opportunities Programs as a new co-sponsor! NYU's Opportunity Programs include HEOP and Collegiate Science Technology Entry Program (CSTEP).

With this new co-sponsorship and our ongoing co-sponsorship with the NYU Center for Multicultural Education & Programs we expect to engage students in a new way that also serves your diversity recruitment needs.

  • Student Leaders | The Wasserman Center identifies top students and invites them to share their feedback through weekly meetings. As an Employer Partner you are given the opportunity to meet the Wasserman Career Ambassadors and with students on our Diversity, Liberal Arts and Graduate Student Advisory Boards.

Recruitment Priority

As an Employer Partner, we give you a competitive edge to target top talent at NYU. Through the program you get:

  • Early on-campus interview and presentation dates
  • Waived career fair fees and priority placement for all fairs throughout the year

These benefits will provide your organization with a greater level of exposure to a talented, diverse pool of NYU students across disciplines.

We invite you to discover more information about the NYU Employer Partner Program. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Exclusive Benefits

  • One free information session at the Wasserman Center per semester. Please note this does not include catering costs or events held at the Kimmel Center.
  • Year-round access to an advisory team of career consultants to personalize your branding and recruiting strategies.
  • Formal year end meeting with Senior Director and Associate Director to analyze recruitment strategy and metrics.
  • A seat on our Employer Advisory Board
  • Employer Partner Breakfast: A yearly strategic planning meeting with a team of recruitment consultants.
  • Alumni Spotlight: A chance to showcase NYU alumni currently employed at your organization.

The Wasserman Center gratefully acknowledges our Employer Partners for their generous financial contributions and support. The Wasserman Center's Employer Partners have demonstrated their firm commitment to NYU students by offering them many diverse career-related opportunities, including internships, part-time and full-time employment, and mentoring relationships. We recognize the important role they play in helping our students transform their career dreams into reality.