The Wasserman Center for Career Development is a comprehensive career center that offers students and alumni award-winning services that are essential for competing in today's job market.

Our goal is to provide employers with responsive services to meet individual recruiting needs and to make the task of identifying and interviewing qualified candidates simple and easy.

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Branding On Campus

We believe employers bring a valuable and unique perspective to students' career exploration and development. Regardless of your organization's current recruiting needs, we welcome your involvement in career development activities to help you stay connected to NYU students and build your brand on-campus.

Join us in helping students explore careers in their field of interest, learn about effective job search and interviewing skills and refine their networking skills and professionalism. If you wish to discuss marketing strategies, participate in events (as a speaker, panelist or mentor) or have a presence in our social media space (as a guest blogger or tweet on our day-in-the-life Twitter), please contact our Recruitment Team. We encourage employers to connect with NYU clubs directly as well.

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