You can receive your refund by direct deposit or check.

If you paid through Flywire, your refund will be issued to the originating bank account for a $35 fee (plus any applicable foreign exchange fees).

Please note: If your refund comes from a Parent Plus Loan, the borrower of the loan will receive the refund.

Learn more about refunds coming from Parent Plus Loans.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the most convenient method of receiving your refund.

Benefits include:

  • Fastest and most secure method
  • Funds are deposited into your checking account, eliminating mail wait time


If you choose to receive your refund by mail or do not set up direct deposit, we’ll send your refund check to:

  • Your permanent address if you’re an undergraduate
  • Your local address if you are a graduate or diploma student

Please make sure your address is current in Albert Student Center to ensure you receive your refund check.