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Refunds and Withdrawals

Refund of Credit Balances

A refundable credit balance may result on your student account because of financial aid disbursements, over-payments and/or account adjustments. If the credit balance is created because of an over-payment made by check or electronic check, the refund will not be processed for at least ten (10) business days to allow time for the check payment to clear the bank. Refunds are issued to the student, with the exception of refunds resulting from excess PLUS Loans.

Refunds caused by financial aid and loan payments are issued after the initial disbursement of financial aid, which generally occurs 10 days prior to the start of the semester. Refunds are processed continually during the semester as aid is credited to the student account.

The fastest way to receive your refund is to enroll in the direct deposit of student refunds (Parent Plus Loan refunds must be issued by check). Students who do not enroll in the direct deposit of student refunds will have their refund issued by check.

Refund checks will be mailed to:

  • Permanent address for Undergraduate students
  • Local address for Graduate and Diploma students

To ensure receipt of your refund check, it is important to maintain your address in Albert Student Center.

If you have not paid your fees in full, any credit balance you are eligible to receive will be applied to your unpaid balance.

If you withdraw from the University or lose eligibility for financial aid due to a change in enrollment, your refund will be returned to the financial aid programs.