The University reserves the right to deny registration and withhold all information regarding the record of any student who is in arrears in the payment of tuition, fees, loans, or other charges (including charges for housing, dining, or other activities or services) for as long as any arrears remain.

A financial hold restricts all university services, including future registration. If your account balance remains outstanding, the financial hold also prevents graduation as well as the processing of official transcripts. See a list of all the financial holds below.

Code Description Registration Hold Transcript Hold Diploma Hold
ZAG Account at Collection Agency Y Y Y
ZBB Bursar Balance      
ZCO Internal Collections Y Y Y
ZDE De-Enrollment for Non-Payment Y    
ZDP Diploma Hold     Y
ZLS Loan Services Hold Y Y Y
ZNC Account at Collection Agency Y Y Y
ZNF Not Financially Cleared      
ZNP Not Eligible for Payment Plan      
ZPA Payment Agreement Y Y y
ZPC Pre-Collections Y Y Y
ZRG Registration Hold Y    
ZRP Returned Payment Hold      
ZTR Transcript Hold   Y