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Office of Loan Servicing

The information and instructions contained on this web page is only for NYU students who are either graduating or separating from NYU and also have received a Federal or Institutional Perkins Loan directly from NYU.

The NYU Loan Servicing office is responsible for all current and defaulted Perkins, Nursing & Health Professions and Institutional Loans for the university.

For all other types of loans please visit the Office of Financial Aid.

In accordance with University rules and regulations from the U.S. Department of Education which govern these loans:

Each student granted a federal perkins or institutional loan must complete an exit interview prior to graduation or soon after separation. Do not consider the completion of any other exit interview that you may have done at your school to be a duplicate of this exit interview notice.

The interview will serve a two-fold purpose:

To give you the latest information concerning your rights and obligations as a participant in your particular federal perkins or institutional loan program.

To clear you for the purpose of awarding your degree.

Graduating students can complete their online exit interview

NYU Billing Agent Contact

ACS/Conduent has made the decision to leave the Campus Based Student Loan Industry and as of January 31, 2018 will no longer serve as New York University’s billing agent for its Federal and Institutional Loan Portfolio. 

The new billing agent that New York University will use to service its student loans is Heartland/ECSI.

A mailing will be sent out during the third week of February which will provide access instructions to the Heartland/ECSI web portal.

Until the transition between billing agents is complete credit bureau reporting will be suspended.

Repayments to your student loan, under Heartland, will be due on the 10th of the month beginning in March 2018.

Please contact the Loan Servicing Department at or 212.998.2806 if you have further questions.

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