Programs & Activities Without Substances

Programs & Activities Without Substances (PAWS) is a funding opportunity for student groups to sponsor substance-free activities at NYU. The central purpose of PAWS is to provide alternative, substance-free opportunities during the weekend or other times of high alcohol and other drug consumption.

PAWS funding is typically awarded to Resident Assistants (RAs), Commuter Assistants (CAs), and student club members or leaders who organize events. The program is sponsored by the Health Promotion office.


In order to increase the chances of your event being funded, please read and complete the application thoroughly, follow the guidelines, and provide as much information as possible. Applications are assessed by a panel of students and professional staff members. Requests may be funded in full or in part.


We are excited to announce a new collaboration between PAWS and LiveWellNYU so that you can access two funding sources for your events through one streamlined application process. As a movement for students by students, LiveWellNYU supports student organizations through co-sponsorship opportunities for programs and events that align with their mission of helping students live life to the fullest. Now you can request additional funding (and other support!) through LiveWellNYU Co-sponsorship for events that are also substance free.

One application. Two funding opportunities.

Explore how you can join the LiveWellNYU Network to be eligible for LiveWellNYU and PAWS funding here!