Next Stop Health Requirements - Fall 2017

A warm welcome to you and your family into the NYU community. 

As you embark on an exciting chapter filled with new opportunities for personal, social, and academic growth, be aware of the health requirements you must complete before arriving to NYU.    

Please note, different NYU sites have different requirements and deadlines. To view the deadlines that apply to you, select the appropriate site from the list on the right.

Failing to comply by the deadlines may jeopardize your enrollment status.

Below are more initial actions that you can take to support your health and success:

Arrange support prior to arrival

Coming to NYU is a wonderful educational opportunity, but new academic and social experiences may lead students to experience episodes of stress. During these times, students may need the assistance of medical and mental health professionals. In particular, students who are experiencing emotional or physical difficulties, or who have experienced such issues in the past, benefit from ongoing professional assistance. We have witnessed firsthand that students who arrange for this kind of support prior to their arrival on campus are better prepared to take full advantage of their educational experience.

View your site’s insurance requirements and complete any steps if necessary.

Please note, different NYU sites have different requirements and deadlines. To view site specific insurance requirements visit the Student Health Insurance Department website.  

Transition Care

It is important that students continue any mental health counseling or medical treatment while away from home (and continue to take any medication they may already be taking). We are here to help you connect with the appropriate healthcare professionals at or near NYU. If your medical history includes a chronic medical condition or treatment by a psychotherapist and/or psychiatrist, please let us know so that a college health specialist may assist you in connecting with appropriate support services prior to the start of the semester. Availability of services may vary by site. Feel free to contact the Wellness Exchange by phone or email if you need further assistance in clarifying what steps to take to transition health and mental health treatment prior to the start of the semester.

Watch for warning signs and know your emergency resources

If you become aware that something is wrong – that you may be in need of help – the Wellness Exchange is ready to assist and respond to your questions and concerns 24 hours a day 7 days a week.