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Student Health and Insurance at NYU

New York University values the health of its students and is committed to offering all students access to quality healthcare and affordable health insurance plans to protect against financial hardships that may result from high healthcare expenses.

While most undergraduate and graduate students are in good health and face few serious illnesses while in school, medical and psychological issues can arise at any time, sometimes without warning. There are also certain health concerns that may become apparent for the first time in early adulthood.

The high cost of healthcare in the United States presents a potentially serious financial risk to students. The absence of adequate insurance coverage can result in temporary or permanent interruption of your education; therefore NYU requires that all students registered in degree-granting programs maintain health insurance.

Most students are automatically enrolled in the NYU sponsored student health insurance plan (NYU sponsored plan) as part of the course registration process. Students who maintain alternate health insurance coverage that meets the University’s minimum health insurance criteria may waive the plan entirely.

Student Health Insurance Plan Overview

Enrolling in the NYU Sponsored Plan

Waiving the Student Health Insurance Plan

International Students in F-1 or J-1 Status

Additional Insurance Information

Frequently Asked Questions

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