Student Health Insurance Plans Overview

Students Studying Abroad Insurance Program
Information for Graduate Employees NYU/UAW Local 2110
Summary of Basic, Comprehensive and GSHIP Plan Benefits
Health Insurance for Personal Travel
Referral Requirements
Pre-Certification Requirement
Plan Exclusions and Limitations
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Insurance Payment Options
Insurance Cards

The NYU sponsored student health insurance plans, administered by Consolidated Health Plans (CHP), are designed to provide reasonably priced healthcare coverage. It supplements the free services (as does any other insurance) provided at the SHC. The plans provide coverage for medical treatment and procedures provided at the SHC, for which there is a fee, as well as national coverage for medically necessary healthcare services.

All matriculated students are eligible for enrollment in the CHP Insurance Plans sponsored by NYU. See more information about dependents and other eligible enrollees.  

The CHP Insurance has two components:

  • Optional Plans – The Basic Plan and the Comprehensive Plan are designed to provide reasonably priced healthcare coverage.
  • Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan (GSHIP) – GSHIP enrollees are specifically designated graduate students for whom the University has agreed to pay the student health insurance charge. Students cannot individually purchase this plan.

The Basic, Comprehensive and GSHIP Plans cover the same medical and mental health services. However, they have different:

  • reimbursement levels,
  • out-of-pocket expenses

All plans offer coverage for services rendered by healthcare providers who participate in the MagnaCare and MultiPlan networks. Referrals are required for services in Manhattan (outside the SHC). Visit to search for MagnaCare and MultiPlan providers. Out-of-network providers are also covered but at a lower reimbursement level.

See Summary of Benefits

Please note: The SHC is in-network under the CHP insurance plans as well as United Healthcare commercial products and the Oxford Freedom and Liberty networks. However, the SHC is out-of-network for all other insurance plans and is considered out-of-network under all other plans which utilize the MagnaCare and MultiPlan networks. (See Referrals/Pre-Certification.)

GeoBlue Health Insurance Program for Students Studying Abroad (formerly HTH Insurance Program)

New York University requires that students studying abroad as part of their educational program be covered under the NYU sponsored study abroad health insurance plan administered by Worldwide Insurance Services. Visit for more information. The school-sponsored GeoBlue program utilizes the Blue Cross Blue Shield provider network in the United States and provides easy access to care. The program has four major components:

  • Semester Long Programs (including Liberal Studies Freshman Abroad)*
  • Short-Term Programs*
  • NYU Abu Dhabi**
  • NYU Shanghai**

*Students enrolled in these GeoBlue plans are still required to maintain other health insurance coverage in their home countries. 

**    GeoBlue offers an ACA compliant plan for U.S. students.

Health Insurance for Personal Travel

For students traveling internationally for personal reasons, NYU provides access to the GeoBlue international health insurance product through a portal on the Student Health Center's web site. This insurance product is provided as a convenience to NYU students. There are several other products that provide similar insurance coverage available via the internet. Please read all of the terms and conditions first before purchasing any of these products. NYU does not endorse any one product and provides the GeoBlue portal as a convenience to our student community.

Information for Graduate Employees NYU/UAW Local 2110

Effective September 1, 2015, the University began providing its student health insurance plan (Basic Health Plan – Individual Coverage) at 10% of the applicable premium rate to eligible graduate student employees. In addition, eligible graduate student employees will be covered by the Stu-Dent Plan for NYU at no cost and will be automatically enrolled in the Stu-Dent Plan upon confirmation of union eligibility.
This provision does not apply to graduate employees who are covered under GSHIP.

For eligible Washington Square graduate student employees, a Basic Health Plan or Comprehensive Health Plan insurance charge may initially appear on the graduate student employee’s tuition bill, but will be adjusted when the student’s union eligibility is confirmed. At that time the insurance charge on the Bursar account will be adjusted to 10% of the Basic Health Insurance Plan charge for that term. If the graduate student employee is enrolled in the Comprehensive Plan, the insurance charge will be adjusted to 10% of the Basic Health Insurance Plan charge, plus the additional cost for the Comprehensive Health Insurance premium.

Option to Upgrade Individual Coverage

Eligible graduate student employees so covered may elect to upgrade their individual coverage to the Comprehensive Health Plan –Individual Coverage, at its additional cost. This must be accomplished by the September 30th enrollment deadline. In the case where an eligible graduate student employee is automatically enrolled in the Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan (see Automatic Enrollment Guide), and wishes to change to the Basic Health Insurance Plan, the graduate student employee may do so during the online enrollment process (see more details).

Dependent Coverage Premium Support Plan

Effective September 1, 2015, the University established a Graduate Employee Student Health Insurance Dependent Premium Support Plan. For Academic Year 2016-2017, the Plan will be funded with $175,000, divided equally between the fall and spring semesters.

Those eligible graduate employees who are doctoral candidates who actually purchase dependent coverage under the Basic Student Health Insurance Plan, or if enrolled in GSHIP for individual coverage, purchase dependent coverage under GSHIP, and provide proof thereof, may, during the subject semester, apply for up to 75% reimbursement of dependent coverage premiums. Actual reimbursement will depend on the number of applications and the funds allocated for that semester. Unused funds, if any, will not carry over to a future semester. The application deadline for reimbursement for fall 2016 is January 8, 2017 and for spring 2017 is August 20, 2017.

Please note, eligible graduate student employees who are doctoral candidates and are enrolled in GSHIP for individual coverage, may only purchase GSHIP dependent care coverage, and in accordance with the agreement between NYU and Local 2110, the premium for such GSHIP dependent coverage will be at the same rate as the premium for dependent coverage under the Basic Student Health Insurance Plan.

Referral Requirements

REFERRALS ARE REQUIRED FOR SERVICES IN MANHATTAN (OUTSIDE SHC). Except for situations listed below, all students enrolled in CHP insurance plans in need of medical care in Manhattan are required to first seek treatment and be evaluated at the SHC.  If the evaluation by the SHC provider determines that the services are not available at the SHC, an off-site referral will be issued. Students are responsible for all co-pays or co-insurance fees with respect to such referrals Covered services received in Manhattan without an appropriate referral will not be paid by CHP.

Services Exempt from Referral Requirement

  • medical emergency treatment in a hospital*
  • gynecological care
  • laboratory tests
  • maternity care
  • mental health and substance abuse services
  • treatment for TMJ
  • when the SHC is closed

Students must obtain required referrals from an SHC provider before they receive medical services in Manhattan outside the SHC. Referrals requested after services are received are not permitted.

* Medical emergency refers to an unexpected, sudden onset of an acute illness or injury that is life or limb threatening and may permanently affect quality of life. Referrals from CHP are required for follow-up treatment after an emergency.

Referrals for Services Outside Manhattan

Students may use any provider outside the borough of Manhattan without an off-site referral from the SHC. All visit co-pays or co-insurance fees incurred will be the responsibility of the student.

We encourage students to first seek services from an SHC provider who will be able to supervise and coordinate care with minimal out-of-pocket expense for medically necessary treatment. Students seeking care from providers outside the SHC should consider choosing a provider who participates in the MagnaCare (NY/NJ area) or MultiPlan network to ensure maximum benefits and reduce out-of-pocket expenses. To find a MagnaCare (NY/NJ area) or MultiPlan provider, go to or call (877) 373-1170 and a CHP representative will assist you in locating a participating provider.

Referral Limitations

  • Referrals are only valid for treatment of a specific condition for the period of time stated on the referral.
  • Referrals may also limit the number of visits allowed within that time frame.
  • Your condition must be re-evaluated by a SHC healthcare provider once the limits of the referral have been reached.

Pre-Certification Requirement

Pre-certification of coverage is required, except in emergencies, for services including, but not limited to:

  • At least two (2) days prior to a planned admission or surgery when your provider recommends inpatient hospitalization.
  • At least two (2) days prior to ambulatory surgery or any ambulatory care procedure when your provider recommends it be performed in a hospital or ambulatory surgical center.
  • Within the first three (3) months of a pregnancy and again within 48 hours after the delivery if your hospital stay is expected to extend beyond 48 hours for a vaginal birth or 96 hours for cesarean birth.

If pre-certification is not secured, eligible expenses will be subject to either a $500 deductible or 50% of what would have been paid, whichever results in a greater benefit to you.

Please note: Pre-certification is not required before beginning physical therapy treatment.

Please visit and click on FAQs on the navigation bar at the top of the page for more details about referral and pre-certification requirements.

Plan Exclusions and Limitations*

Following are some of the services that are not covered under the CHP plans:

  1. Illness, accident, treatment or medical condition arising out of:
    a. war or act of war (whether declared or undeclared); participation in a felony, riot or insurrection; service in the Armed Forces or units auxiliary thereto;
    b. aviation, other than as a fare-paying passenger on a scheduled or charter flight operated by a scheduled airline.
  2. Most cosmetic surgery.
  3. Foot care, in connection with corns, calluses, flat feet, fallen arches, weak feet, chronic foot strain or symptomatic complaints of the feet. Foot care due to a medical condition or disease resulting in circulatory deficits or areas of decreased sensation in legs or feet are covered.
  4. Services for which no charge is normally made.
  5. Dental care or treatment, except for such care or treatment due to accidental injury to sound natural teeth and except for dental care or treatment necessary due to congenital disease or anomaly. This exclusion does not apply to preventive services mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
  6. Eyeglasses, hearing aids, and examination for the prescription or fitting thereof. This exclusion does not apply to preventive services mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
  7. Rest cures, custodial care and transportation.

Some Medications Not Covered by the Prescription Drug Benefits under the CHP Plans:

  • over-the-counter medications (except as specifically provided)
  • drugs whose sole purpose is to promote or stimulate hair growth
  • drugs for cosmetic purposes
  • appetite suppressants
  • preventive medicines or vaccines, except as specifically provided
  • non-self injectables (these are covered by the medical portion of the Plan)

Insurance Payment Options

NYU sponsored health insurance plans are annual policies for students enrolled in an NYU sponsored plan before the September 30th fall semester deadline. Students may choose from the following payment options:

A. ANNUAL PAYMENT IN FULL at the time of fall registration, with no insurance charge at spring registration.

  • Students coverage will continue through August 20th, even if they are not registered for spring classes. (However, they will not have access to services at the SHC after January 8th for January graduates and after graduation for May graduates.)
  • Students cannot get a partial refund of the spring/summer portion of the annual insurance charge after the September 30th enrollment deadline.

B. TWO INSTALLMENT PAYMENT PLAN (default plan): The first payment is due at the time of fall registration and the second at spring registration. The spring insurance charge is higher than the fall charge because it includes payment for coverage over the summer months.

  • Students will be automatically enrolled in the same plan and billed the spring/summer health insurance charge if, and only if, they are registered for classes or maintaining matriculation for the spring semester. 
  • Students who are not registered for classes or maintaining matriculation for the spring semester will have their insurance coverage end on January 8th.
    (See options for continuing coverage.)  

Whether payment option A or B is chosen: students may not change plans until the beginning of the next academic year.

Insurance Cards

Each student who is enrolled in the Basic, Comprehensive or GSHIP Plan will receive an insurance card at their permanent address within the United States.
If your permanent address is outside the United States, please contact CHP at (877) 373-1170 or and provide them with your local address.

If you do not receive the CHP insurance card within three weeks of the effective date of the policy or within three weeks of your request to enroll in the plan (whichever is later), please contact CHP at (877) 373-1170 or at

An online insurance card can be obtained by going to the CHP web site shown above. Click the link for “Online ID Card.”

We encourage you to carry your NYU ID and insurance card at all times.