Information for Parents

Why is my student automatically enrolled in an NYU sponsored plan if we did not ask to be enrolled?

NYU requires that all students registered in degree-granting programs maintain health insurance. While most undergraduate and graduate students are in good health and face few serious illnesses while in school, medical and psychological issues can arise at any time, sometimes without warning. With the high cost of healthcare in the United States, the absence of adequate insurance coverage can result in temporary or permanent interruption of a student’s education.

Can my student change the automatically enrolled insurance plan?

Yes. Students who are automatically enrolled in a plan and wish to change to a different plan (upgrade or downgrade) may do so by completing the online enrollment process before the appropriate deadline. The tuition bill will be adjusted accordingly usually within 48 hours of the on-line system change.

We have alternate health insurance coverage must we remain in the NYU sponsored plan?

No. If you maintain other health insurance coverage that meets the University’s requirements, the student may apply to waive the NYU sponsored plan.

My student had waived out of the NYU sponsored plan for the fall semester and no longer has insurance can they enroll in the school sponsored insurance plan?

Yes. If the student had waived out of the NYU sponsored plan and due to a loss of coverage now needs insurance coverage, a Petition to Add Insurance Form must be submitted to the Student Health Insurance Department along with proof of the termination of the coverage. The insurance charge will be assessed for the entire semester (there is no prorating of the charges).

What are the deadlines we need to know about with respect to the insurance program?

The following outlines the deadline dates for either enrolling/changing the assigned plan or waiving out of the assigned plan:

If your first semester of
the academic year is   
The online enrollment system
becomes available:   
enrolling in the NYU Plans is:
Fall 2016
June 21
September 30
Spring 2017
November 8
February 10
Summer 2017
April 4
June 5

My student enrolled in a NYU sponsored plan for the fall semester. Can they waive the Student Health Insurance Plan for the spring semester?

Yes. If the student was automatically enrolled in a plan for the fall semester and did not confirm the selection through the online enrollment process, they may waive spring coverage online for the spring semester before the February 10 spring term deadline.

However, if they used the online system in the fall semester to select their insurance and now have a new health insurance plan, they may apply to waive the spring coverage by submitting a Petition to Change Insurance Form to the Student Health Insurance Department before the February 10 spring semester deadline. They should contact Student Health Insurance Department at (212) 443-1020 or for more information.

What are the rates for the NYU sponsored plans?

Rates for the NYU sponsored plans are listed here.