Health Plan Details

Who is Eligible?

Students are eligible to enroll in an NYU-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan if they are:

  • registered for one or more credits in a degree-granting program at NYU;
  • maintaining matriculation (completing certain academic programs and not enrolled in classes);
  • students with F-1 or J-1 visa status;
  • post-doctoral research trainees/fellows, paid by NYU on stipends (code 542) or paid directly by external sponsors;
  • dependents of an insured (spouse/domestic partner and children up until age 26).

Students are eligible to continue their coverage under a school-sponsored plan for a period of 90 days after coverage ends.


Coverage Dates

Coverage dates for the Student Health Insurance plans. Learn more...

Preferred Provider Networks

Seeking care from in-network providers ensures maximum benefits and minimal out-of-pocket expenses. Learn more...


Consolidated Health Plans (CHP)
Attn: NYU
Roosevelt Ave.
Springfield, MA 01104

Tel: (877) 373-1170

Fax: (413) 214-6482

CHP is the plan administrator of the NYU- sponsored Student Health Insurance Program and can assist students with:

  • confirmation of coverage letters
  • insurance ID cards
  • insurance claims issues
  • dependent and continuation option enrollment issues

Student Health Insurance Department
726 Broadway, Suite 346

New York, NY 10003

Tel: (212) 443-1020

Fax: (212) 443-1011

The Student Health Insurance Department can assist students with:

  • enrollment issues,
  • health insurance waivers,
  • unresolved insurance claims issues,
  • referrals