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Automatic Enrollment

The high cost of healthcare in the United States presents a potentially serious financial risk to students. Therefore, NYU requires that all students registered in degree-granting programs maintain health insurance.

Most students are automatically enrolled in the NYU-sponsored Student Health Insurance Plan as part of the course registration process. Students should check the Automatic Enrollment Guide (PDF) to determine if they will be automatically enrolled.

Students who are automatically enrolled and wish to change to a different plan may do so by completing the online enrollment process before the appropriate deadline. Their tuition bills will be adjusted accordingly.

Please note: Adding or dropping courses during the registration period may affect a student’s automatic enrollment in a school-sponsored insurance plan. Completing the online enrollment process by the appropriate semester deadline ensures that coverage remains in effect.

Graduate Assistants, Research Assistants, Teaching Assistants or specifically designated fully-funded graduate students for whom the University has agreed to pay the student health insurance charge, will be automatically enrolled in the Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan (GSHIP). A Basic or Comprehensive Plan insurance charge may initially appear on the student’s tuition bill, but will be cancelled when the program administrator notifies the Student Health Insurance Department of the student’s GSHIP eligibility.

Options for Students Not Automatically Enrolled


Students registered for classes or maintaining matriculation but not automatically enrolled (see Automatic Enrollment Guide PDF) have the option to choose a plan before the appropriate semester deadline by completing the online enrollment process.

How to Enroll Online

Students should evaluate their options by reviewing the benefits (PDF) and exclusions (PDF) of the Student Health Insurance Plans. Students should have their Student ID numbers (shown on the admissions letter or on the back of the NYU ID card) handy before accessing the online system during the enrollment period.

If your first semester of the academic year is: The online enrollment/waiver system becomes available: The semester deadline for enrolling in the NYU Plans is:
Fall June 21 September 30
Spring November 8 February 10
Summer April 4 June 5
  • Click here to access the Enrollment/Waiver page.
  • Read the general information and then enter the Student ID (N-number) and date of birth.
  • Select Enroll and follow the instructions on selecting the desired enrollment/payment option
  • At the end of the process, you must confirm your enrollment selection in order for your request to be processed.
  • Print the Confirmation of Status letter. A confirmation will also be sent to the e-mail address provided.

Enrollment Rules

If the online enrollment process is not completed by the deadline, the plan in which the student is enrolled automatically will be in effect for all or any remaining part of the academic year. There will be no option to upgrade or downgrade the level of coverage until the fall of the next academic year.

Students who were billed the annual health insurance charge at the time of fall registration:

  • will continue coverage through August 20th, even if they are not registered for spring classes. (However, they will not have access to services at the Student Health Center after January 8th for January graduates and after May 31 for May graduates.)
  • cannot get a partial refund of the spring/summer portion of the annual insurance chareg after the September 30th enrollment deadline.

Students who were billed the fall semester only health insurance charge at the time of fall registration:

  • will be automatically enrolled in the same plan and billed the spring/summer health insurance charge if, and only if, they are registered for classes or maintaining matriculation for the spring semester.
  • will have their insurance coverage end on January 8th if they are not registered for classes or maintaining matriculation for the spring semester. Click here to review options for continuing coverage beyond January 8th.

Enrollment will only be processed by the NYU Student Health Insurance Department. No other school or unit can enroll a student in the insurance plan.


Students enrolling dependents in an NYU-sponsored health insurance plan before the fall term enrollment deadline may choose the installment payment option. Dependent enrollment will be available from 8/1-9/30. For students choosing this option:

  • The policy coverage is annual and the spring term payment is required in order for coverage to be effective and continuous through August 20th of the following year.
  • Students will receive a 30-day notice before their fall coverage ends with a request for payment for the spring term coverage.
  • Students must send the appropriate payment for the spring term by January 8th. If no payment is received by January 8th, a letter will be sent informing them that their dependent coverage has been terminated.