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Your privacy is our priority. The SHC is legally and ethically obligated to protect the privacy of a student’s health information.

Treatment of student health information is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the requirements of applicable New York State law. The SHC will only disclose this information in limited circumstances in accordance with applicable law.

The SHC will not release medical information to anyone, including family, parents/legal guardians, NYU faculty/staff, or outside agencies, without the written authorization of the student, except in emergency situations or to comply with a subpoena or judicial order. In the case of a minor, the authorization of a parent or legal guardian is required to release medical records. In a medical emergency, only relevant health information will be released to another healthcare provider.

The underwriter and administrator of the NYU-sponsored student health insurance plan also handle student health information in connection with the operation of those plans. Treatment of such information is governed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the requirements of applicable New York State law.

Student Health Center Locations

726 Broadway, 3rd and 4th Floors
New York, NY 10003
(212) 443-1000

6 MetroTech Center, ROG-B020
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(646) 997-3456

Medical Services
(212) 443-1000
Located at 726 Broadway & 6 Metrotech

For acute medical issues and preventive care, students are encouraged to make an appointment in our Primary Care or Women’s Health departments. All students are assigned a Primary Care Provider (PCP) for the duration of their time at NYU. This PCP can coordinate with their providers from home, if applicable, to ensure continuity in the care they are receiving. Students are encouraged to have a relationship with one of our PCPs who can assist them with most of their healthcare needs or refer them as necessary. For more urgent needs, students may use our Urgent Care located on the 3rd floor of the 726 Broadway location. In addition to primary care and urgent care, we offer in-house specialty services including: dermatology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, orthopedics, sports medicine, physiatry, neurology, endocrinology, allergy/immunology, and travel medicine. Additional medical services include confidential HIV testing, nutrition, physical therapy and optometry.

Counseling and Wellness Services
(212) 998-4780
Located at 726 Broadway & 6 Metrotech

SHC Counseling and Wellness Services (CWS) offer students short-term individual counseling, group counseling, self-improvement classes, referrals, and psychiatric medication assessment and management services. All Counseling and Wellness services except psychiatric services are provided at no cost to students. (Psychiatric services are provided to students at a maximum out-of-pocket expense of $30 per visit.)

Students can receive help for all sorts of personal problems including depression, homesickness, stress, anxiety, alcohol or drug dependency, eating concerns, academic anxieties, roommate and friendship problems, family problems, suicidal thoughts, sexual concerns and identity concerns.

CWS counselors are psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, nurse practitioners, and advanced trainees in those professions. There are male and female counselors, counselors from different racial and national backgrounds, and counselors who specialize in different mental health concerns.

Wellness Exchange
(212) 443-9999
Located at 726 Broadway

The award-winning Wellness Exchange is your key to accessing NYU’s extensive health and mental health resources. A central feature common to all these services is a private, 24/7 hotline that puts students in touch with professionals who can help them address day-to-day challenges as well as other health-related concerns including medical issues, academic stress, depression, sexual assault, anxiety, alcohol and other drug dependence, sexually transmitted infections, and eating disorders. The Wellness Exchange is also available for students who just need to talk — for whatever reason. You can access the Wellness Exchange anytime at (212) 443-9999.

Sexual Misconduct Support Services
Located at 726 Broadway

The Center for Sexual Misconduct Support Services provides counseling assistance to complainants of sexual misconduct, relationship violence and stalking. Trained mental health professionals at the Center are available to students to discuss such issues on a confidential basis. This means that information disclosed to counselors will not be shared with others without the permission of the individual except in limited circumstances such as when there is an imminent threat of harm to self or others or a subpoena or judicial order requires the disclosure. The Center works alongside Crisis Response Counselors of the Wellness Exchange and also provides information about internal resources such as Public Safety and the Office of Equal Opportunity as well as external resources and options including reporting to the NYPD. Staff can accompany a student to rape treatment centers, medical services, and campus meetings or proceedings. Complainant students can also access The S.P.A.C.E. (Sexual Misconduct Prevention, Assistance, Counseling, and Education), a multipurpose space dedicated to prevention, assistance, counseling, and education where students can gather, get connected to counseling services, discover additional support, and use as a safe space and meeting area. Counseling Services provided by NYU staff at The S.P.A.C.E. are confidential, however, conversations with other students at The S.P.A.C.E. may not be — always ask before you reveal details you want to keep confidential.

Health Promotion
(212) 443-1234
Located at 726 Broadway

Health Promotion supports the health and well-being of NYU students whether they come to the SHC or not. Staff plan and implement initiatives and programs on topics including stress, alcohol and other drugs, mental and sexual health, healthy eating, sexual assault prevention, and bystander intervention. The department provides interactive, engaging health information to help students make informed and healthy choices while at NYU and works with students to promote activities that create a healthier environment for the NYU community.

Pharmacy Services
(212) 443-1050
Located at 726 Broadway

This full-service pharmacy is open to the NYU community (students, faculty, and staff).  It is staffed by Registered Pharmacists and Certified Pharmacy Technicians who are ready to help you with all of your healthcare needs.

Services include:

  • pharmaceutical counseling
  • drug information and education
  • a wide selection of pharmaceuticals (brand name and generic)
  • vitamins and over-the-counter medications

Many prescription insurance plans including the NYU sponsored student health plans are accepted. We also accept prescriptions from providers outside of the SHC.

Optometry Services
(212) 443-1260
Located at 726 Broadway

Optometry Services offer contact lenses and a large selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses, including many designer frames.

Our vision care service is staffed by optometrists and opticians whose expertise includes:

  • eye examinations
  • vision correction
  • treatment of eye disorders
  • contact lens fittings
  • assisting in choosing the right eyewear for your specific prescription and needs

If you already have a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses from your outside provider, you can bring in your prescription or have it faxed to (212) 443-1261.

Moses Center for Students with Disabilities
(212) 998-4980
Located at 726 Broadway

The Henry and Lucy Moses Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) works with students with qualified disabilities and assists them in obtaining appropriate and reasonable accommodations and services.

Any student who needs a reasonable accommodation based on a qualified disability must register with CSD. Please visit our website for information on how to register or contact us with questions.