Washinton Square Student Health Insurance

Many services at the Student Health Center (SHC) are provided at no cost to all matriculated students. The Sample of Services (PDF) chart gives examples of the types of SHC services that are provided at no cost as well as those services for which there is a fee.

The NYU-sponsored Student Health Insurance Program administered by Consolidated Health Plans (CHP) has two components:

  • Optional Plans – The Basic Plan and the Comprehensive Plan are designed to provide reasonably priced healthcare coverage.
  • Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan (GSHIP) – GSHIP enrollees are specifically designated graduate students for whom the University has agreed to pay the student health insurance charge. Students cannot individually purchase this plan.

The Basic, Comprehensive and GSHIP Plans cover the same medical and mental health services. However, they have different:

  • reimbursement levels,
  • out-of-pocket expenses

Students enrolled in the NYU-sponsored Basic, Comprehensive or GSHIP plan should review the Student Health Insurance Guide Book (PDF) or your insurance certificate at www.chpstudent.com/nyu for information about the details of the insurance coverage.

All plans offer coverage for services rendered by healthcare providers who participate in the MagnaCare and MultiPlan networks. Referrals are required for services in Manhattan (outside SHC) (see Referrals/Authorizations). Out-of-network providers are also covered but at a lower reimbursement level.

Please note: The NYU Student Health Center (SHC) is in-network under the Student Health Insurance Plan as well as United Healthcare commercial plans and the Oxford Freedom and Liberty plans, but will be considered out of network under all other insurance plans which utilize the MagnaCare & MultiPlan networks.

Students who are studying abroad with NYU programs are required to be enrolled in the NYU-sponsored Study Abroad Health Insurance Plan designed specifically to allow students easy access to care while outside the United States.