Some services are now available virtually! If you need assistance, please contact (212) 443-1000. In-person visits are temporarily suspended.

At this time, it is not advisable to visit a medical facility unless absolutely necessary. If you are underway with a series, you will not need to re-start it if you have a longer interval between vaccines. You can resume the series once full services can be restored.

Allergy & Immunology Service

SHC's Allergy & Immunology Service provides full services for evaluation, education, testing and treatment of allergies and other immunologic conditions. The staff includes a board-certified allergist and registered nurses.

Allergy services are available to all NYU students:

  • For first time evaluation, please schedule a visit with the Allergist to review testing strategies and plan for follow-up.
  • To continue treatment from outside:

If you are already receiving allergy desensitization injections at home and plan to continue at the SHC, please call (212) 443-1188 to speak to a nurse before your first visit in order to arrange for appropriate transfer of information and sera.

Routine and specialized vaccines and tuberculosis PPD testing are also available in this office.  

Travel Medicine

Plan Ahead!  A consultation appointment is recommended 4-6 weeks before travel. Appointments may be scheduled online or by calling our Allergy, Immunology, & Travel Department at (212) 443-1188. 

The travel medicine staff at the Student Health Center will provide you with the latest health information and immunization services for your trip.  If your travel plans warrant Yellow Fever vaccination, you will receive the International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP).

Your consultation session will cover:

  • Travel safety and tips for healthy travel
  • Possible diseases based on your travel schedule (e.g. Hepatitis, Malaria, Yellow Fever)
  • Safe food and water precautions
  • What to know about cruise ships and air travel
  • Avoiding illness and injury abroad

Depending upon your destination(s), you may also need prescriptions for Malaria and Traveler's Diarrhea (antibiotics) or altitude sickness. Check with your insurance carrier regarding coverage for these prescriptions.

Plan Ahead

The earlier you prepare for your trip abroad, the better. Please schedule an appointment online or contact Travel Medicine Services at (212) 443-1188 as soon as you know that you are traveling to plan your visit.

We advise you to schedule consultations at least 4-6 weeks in advance of your trip if possible. If you are planning a lengthy trip (i.e. Study Abroad), book your appointment 8-12 weeks in advance if possible.


There is no charge for the Travel Medicine consultation for NYU students.

However, travel vaccinations are often not covered or not covered fully by health insurance. You will be asked to pay at the time of the visit or you may be billed.  Called ahead to your insurance to know what to expect. 

Prior Vaccinations

If you have a record of your prior vaccinations, please bring them with you to the consultation. This will avoid unnecessary cost and duplication of vaccines that you may have already received.

Faculty & Staff

Travel consultations are available by appointment to NYU faculty and staff for NYU work/business related travel and a fee is charged to you or your insurance. Check with your insurance carrier regarding coverage for these services.