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Graduate Schools by Discipline

When you apply to graduate education at New York University, you must apply to the school or schools that administer your degree track.  With fifteen schools and over one thousand distinct degrees, understanding the layout of graduate studies can be a little daunting.  Here you can browse through our schools and programs by the discipline that interests you, by starting in one of the following areas:

» Humanities and the Arts
» The Sciences
» Social Sciences
» Professional Schools

Humanities & The Arts

Most of the degree programs in the humanities are housed in the Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS).  We offer degrees in a full range of academic subjects – from History, Comparative Literature, and Sociology to emerging fields such as Bioethics and Trauma and Violence Studies and Performance Studies, in collaboration with the Tisch School of the Arts.  We have cultural studies dedicated to nearly every corner of human civilization, and our Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, a unique transdisciplinary research institute, accepted its first round of applicants in 2008.

For the visual arts, The Institute of Fine Arts (IFA) is NYU’s hub for research in the history, theory, conservation, and curation of art and artifacts.  Operating from two elegant buildings on Museum Mile, the IFA has been commended as a national asset and for decades has graduated the most influential figures in the professional art world.  Our studio art and art and arts professions departments are in the Steinhardt School for Culture, Education, and Human DevelopmentPhotography, filmmaking, design are housed in Tisch, as are the arts public policy and arts politics programs.

The studies in performing arts and its professions are fruitful across the University, particularly in departments in Tisch and Steinhardt, from dance and set design to dramatic writing and performing arts administration.  We are proud of our innovative programs in these areas, such as interactive telecommunications and drama therapy.  Music also enjoys a wide study at NYU:  from ethnomusicology and music theory in GSAS to composition, performance, and music professions in Steinhardt – from musical theatre performance, production, and composition in Tisch to the entertainment, media, and technology MBAs offered at Stern.  For extracurricular musicians, check out our symphony, repertory, and community orchestras, our six choruses, pipes and drums, dance troupes…  If you have a passion to perform, we’ve probably got an ensemble or student organization for your act.

NYU’s unique Gallatin School of Individualized Studies enables Masters students to design a unique interdisciplinary research project, drawing material and methodologies from the liberal arts as well as from other areas of study.

Outside the college to which you will eventually apply, enthusiasts of the humanities will be happy to discover the many events hosted through the Center for the Humanities and the New York Institute for the Humanities, not to mention the countless cultural events held throughout the University.  Many of our research and cultural centers, such as the Institute for the History of the Production of Knowledge and the Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies, will have similar appeal.

Graphic communications management is offered by the School of Continuing and Professional Studies as well as digital imaging and design through the Center for Advanced Digital Applications at SCPS.

Visit the admissions page for the school that interests you, or consult our complete list of Academic Departments and Programs.

The Sciences

New York University offers a full range of scientific degree programs, ranging from the physical sciences in the Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS) to the mathematics and computer science programs at the Courant Institute and engineering and informatics tracks at the Polytechnic Institute.  The theories of cognitive sciences such as psychology and linguistics are studied in GSAS, and students of the Applied Psychology and Communicative Sciences and Disorders departments in Steinhardt take a more hands-on approach. 

Medical programs are housed primarily in the School of Medicine, College of Dentistry, and College of Nursing, while the interdisciplinary Sackler Institute of Graduate Medical Sciences offers PhD programs in exciting research fields such as computational biology and molecular pharmacology.  Drawing resources from all of our graduate schools and from various organizations, among them the UN, the NYU Master’s Program in Global Public Health offers students of various scientific and academic backgrounds a truly unique opportunity.

Beyond the breakthroughs routinely achieved by our medical researchers, NYU has many renowned scientific institutes, such as the Center for Neural Science, Center for Soft Matter Research, and Glucksman Institute for Research in Securities Markets.  Our faculty has been awarded numerous Nobel, Abel, and Blavatnik prizes in the sciences, and our graduates consistently lead successful careers in academia, medicine, private industry, and public service.

Like many of our academic offerings, the sciences are not studied in isolation, but are approached by many other disciplines across the University.  For example, the comprehensive Science, Health, and Environmental Journalism concentration in GSAS is among the oldest and most prestigious programs of its kind, and has prepared this generation’s leaders in scientific print, broadcasting, and other media.  Steinhardt’s Division of Teaching and Learning offers masters and doctoral degrees in the Science and Mathematics Education.  Students in our renowned Courant Institute for Mathematics apply a core of mathematical research to a broad range of scientific fields, from atmospheric science to computer science, fields in which NYU has been a pivotal institution.

Be sure to follow the progress of our scientific community through our news and events pages, and in the meantime head to the school with your desired program.

Social Sciences

We define ourselves as a private university in the public service, and this commitment is seen nowhere better than in the social sciences, which comprise a substantial portion of our academic offerings. 

The Silver School of Social Work offers comprehensive social work training, with an emphasis on clinical education, and affords students access to over 500 field institutions throughout the tri-state area.  The Wagner School of Public Service houses degree programs that combine the disciplines of finance, public policy, urban and environmental studies.  Each is consistently ranked at the top of their fields, and each draws on the unique social challenges of New York City for professional training unmatched by any other university.

Divisions of the Steinhardt School for Culture, Education, and Human Development house the education, administration, and applied psychology degree offerings, while our School of Continuing and Professional Studies offers degrees in global affairs, and fundraising and grantmaking.  The renowned NYU Master’s Program in Global Public Health composes resources from throughout the University to prepare students for the complex issues of global health problems.

Because of the intensely practical nature of social work and public policy, these studies can also be complemented quite well with other disciplines – as such, NYU is pleased to offer a number of combined degrees with programs in law, medicine, and nursing.  And our individualized research tracks through Gallatin allow students to craft projects around interests that would have floundered in single departments.

Whichever your program, as a part of NYU you will no doubt share our passion for public welfare in one way or another.  Be sure to look through our Research Centers to stay informed of the outreach and research initiatives undertaken by the NYU community.  For more information on the academic programs, choose your school below.

Professional Studies

Students interested in our Schools of Law, Medicine, Dentistry, or Business don’t need to be reminded of the individual merits of our programs, because NYU’s professional schools have earned superior reputations in their fields.  Our School of Medicine is in a class of its own, having earned a stellar reputation in cancer care, mental health, and dermatology among many other specialties; our School of Law is highly selective and intellectually diverse; an MBA from Stern is arguably the most valuable business degree available.

What you might not know is how these outstanding degrees can be combined with our other degree programs in the humanities and social sciences.  Many professional programs offer coursework abroad:  get an LLM in Singapore, make your MBA truly global by finishing your studies in France, or conduct medical research through the International Health Program.

Our School of Continuing and Professional Studies offers professionally focused master’s degrees and graduate certificates that capture the expertise and innovation of key industries that define the New York metropolitan area’s place in the global arena. Graduate programs in real estate, construction, publishing, integrated marketing, public relations, hospitality industries studies, tourism and travel management, sports business, human resource management and management and systems are taught by outstanding full-time faculty and leading business practitioners and are widely recognized for excellence in their fields. Students benefit from access to professional communities around the world and often find their lives transformed through ideas, experiences, and opportunities.

Each school holds its own admissions standards, but share the common goal of excellence through inquiry. 

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