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More than a Degree

The notion of transcending boundaries is central to education at NYU, in many ways.  Our students enjoy rich academic experiences outside the University – and the country – thanks to our many partnerships with premier research institutions throughout the world.  At home, our interdisciplinary attitude has borne some truly exceptional programs, and is seen also in the wide array of combined degrees that link subjects and schools across the University.

A number of these are dual degrees which combine pairs of related subjects, such as a PhD in History and a PhD in Judaic Studies, or a Masters in Engineering and a Masters of Public Administration.

Many programs across the University, most notably the professional degrees in the Law, Medical, Social Work and Business Schools, can be joined with a different program of study.  For instance, a Masters in Social Work would be well combined with a Juris Doctor or with a Masters of Public Health; an MBA with a Masters in Finance; an MA in Comparative Literature with an MS in Library Science.  You can even combine an MD with a PhD in Politics, Sociology, or Economics.

Advanced Certificates are also available to add an extra professional specialization to your degree, in areas such as business law and economic journalism.  Undergraduate students should also be aware of the many accelerated Masters degrees that can already be applied to your Bachelors, letting you complete a second degree in less time than a standalone program.

If you have career goals that don’t fit neatly into one degree track, don’t be discouraged – NYU probably has a combined program that suits your varied interests.  And if we don’t, Gallatin and the Draper Program offer individualized, trans-disciplinary support for you to craft your own.

If you hadn’t thought about going beyond a single degree, have a look at our offerings below.  The combinations answer to the characteristic motivation of our students, and the results are spectacular joint programs that will distinguish you as the energetic and forward thinking professionals New York University is proud to graduate.

Below are all the combined and transitional degrees available to NYU Students.  For a complete list of all degree offerings, see NYU’s Academic Departments.

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