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Of all of the wants and needs of NYU’s highly variable graduate student body, the most common might be just to meet each other!

Each individual college hosts a number of social opportunities, for their students and for the general public, and you might have a look through the schools’ student life pages for more information:

The first office for general extracurricular issues should be the Graduate Student Life office within the Student Resource Center.  There are also a number of intramural demographic networks, such as the Center for Multicultural Education and the Office of LGBT Student Services to facilitate communication with your peers. 

You might expect that the incredible range of graduate studies at New York University can pose obstacles in interacting with students of other disciplines in a professional setting, but there are in fact many opportunities for interdisciplinary activities.  Many graduate research forums are held overlapping schools and areas of study, such as MaRGIN, which can introduce fascinating approaches to current research projects.  With the spirit of interdepartmental research, NYU is pleased to outline some of its cross-University initiatives to keep students questioning beyond their schools.

The balance between your educational and professional lives is what makes the graduate student’s position at New York University so important.  As such, the participation in graduate representation is especially important for career-minded students.  While there are graduate student organizations within each school, students are also invited to take part in the Student Senators Council, the highest student organization in the University.

Of course, grad students need to have lives outside school as well, and the Student Resource Center is an invaluable center for finding extracurricular clubs and organizations—from cultural and spiritual organizations to weekend hiking groups.  Don’t forget to take advantage of Ticket Central, a box office that offers discounts to the best theatre and performances in the City, open only to NYU students and affiliates.

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